BUCS Polo kit

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Posted by: Bryce
Hello polo people, I will be making sure the boats and rest of the kit is ready to go to BUCS tomorrow from about 5.30 onwards. If you can drop down for a couple of hours it would be much appreciated - most of the work done will be checking and redoing bumpers and labelling kit. I'm picking paddles up at 5pm so if I'm not there when you arrive start getting boats out and checking they have bumpers and look at the paddles and decks to find which ones have a little "W" on the grab handle and which ones have a size aswell. Cheers, Bryce

RAGE! League Rankings URGENT

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Posted by: Jold Git

Hi all you poloerÔÇÖs :)

The prodigious RAGE! League entrants have volunteered as tribute!
All members shall view and rank this band of couRAGEous polo players!

Anja Humpert

Jamie Anderson

Erich Andrag

Matt ÔÇÿBabyÔÇÖ Clough

Jevon Adams

Charlie Perera

Thomas Millward

Mark Hadley

Madison McClough

Oliver Tarrant

Andrew ÔÇÿChloeÔÇÖ McClough

Rob ÔÇÿJeffÔÇÖ Howells

Lauren Gaines

Florian Heitz

Jennie Stanford

Phillip Scholten

Gabriel Kempski

Matthew ÔÇÿBryceÔÇÖ Byrne

Harriet Pearce

Samuel ÔÇÿPaedoÔÇÖ Davies

Emma Beaney

Hadyn Luke Parker

Samuel Hennem

Chris Holmes

Cast your judgement upon these brave many.
Rank players from 1 to 10 inclusive with 1 being the worst and 10 the best. Men and women are obviously on the same scale. The rating should be based on how good the player is in general: things like passing, catching, play making, tactics, polo paddling tekkers, shooting, saving, etc.
Please dont be nice and give everyone high scores as that will skew the system. Also dont rank too low, you mean bastards.

Please send your rankings to by midnight of Friday the 24th April!
This is essential to the smooth running of the RAGE! League so please be prompt with your ranking response :)

Yours in polo,
Jamie :)


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Posted by: Gabs
Canoe and Canoe Polo elections will be happening on 30/04/15 (Thursday week 2).

They will start at 7pm so please be on time. Dress code is formal so suit up!

If you want to run for something on the canoe exec then please email, letting me know which position you want to run for.

If you want to run for something on the polo exec then please email, letting Anja know which position you want to run for.

More details on the positions can be found here:

If you are running for something then you'll need to come up with a good canoe themed song/poem/dance entertainment and think of joke. You will recite the song and joke on the night.

If you're thinking of running for president then you'll need to submit a manifesto.
The deadline for submitting your manifesto is Saturday 18th April (last Saturday of Easter holidays) so that they can be sent out to the whole club in week 1 of term 3.

If youÔÇÖre still not sure whether you want to run for something or not, I would definitely urge you to! ItÔÇÖs a great way to have your say in how the club is run and looks great on your CV. There are lots of positions available so you can pick the one that sounds best to you.┬áThe club needs an exec full of team players, people who are committed to the club and their exec position and who are generally not an arse!


Warwick RAGE! League 2015

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Posted by: Jold Git

Hiya all Poloers,

After the BUCS event in the first weekend of term 3 (24th April) we will have little left to distract us from that living hell of studying our arses off to acheive.
We need a way to releive the stress and pressure.
Therefore I present to you the Annual Canoe Polo Warwick RAGE! League!
We sort out 4 teams based on how you rank each other as polo players so that the teams are as fair and equal as possible and this means that players of all abilities can play.
Then, each tuesday starting on the 28th April (week 2), each RAGE! team will play one game as part of the league, with the remaining pool time in the session being just for fun!
The winning RAGE! team at the end of the 6 weeks of matches will win street cred and a fabulous prize!

IF you would like to play in the RAGE! league, please sign up on the trips section of the website. Closing date will be tuesday 21st April.
 (It doesnt really matter if you cant make a couple of the weeks as there will be 6 weeks worth of matches, but dont sign up if you know that you will be away for the whole term. There will still be games for non-RAGE!-league players, just not as cool)

We will also be running a Fantasy Polo League!
You will be assigned a budget with which to purchase players to form a team from the people who sign up to the RAGE! League. The value of each player will be determined by the rankings you give each other for the RAGE! League. Players earn points for goals, saves, assists etc. during their RAGE! League games.  The cost of entering a team for the fantasy league is £2 and the managers of the teams coming 1st, 2nd and 3rd will receive 60%, 30%, 10% respectivly of the intake for the Fantasy Polo League. (dont worry about the Fantasy Polo League yet, more information will be emailed out on the Wednesday 22rd April)

So please sign up for the RAGE! League by 21st of April so that we have time to arrange teams and send out details for setting up fantasy league teams. We will start with the RAGE! league competition in Week 2 of next term (28th April). 

Jamjam <3

Holiday polo

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Posted by: Anja
Here the link for the doodle. Please keep it updated if you can. Expect all sessions to be on, unless you get an email telling you otherwise. Important: Don't forgot to pack everything away by 7pm (sharp).


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Posted by: Anja
Ball order: We will soon order new club balls. If you would like to order one too, please post here. Balls are roughly 25 pounds each. You can either order size 5 (men) or size 4 (women).

Last Social of term!!

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Posted by: Lauren
Hi guys, Next Thursday 12th March we will be having our last social of term. This is traditionally a pre-tour social but obviously everyone is welcome. The plan will be to have a Spoons meal in Leam and then ultimately end up in Kelseys (as per)! Meet at 7:30pm in Benjamin Satchwell's (halway down the parade). I'm sure there will be a contingent of people coming from campus if you think you're likely to get lost!! See you then x

Scotland shirts (sizes)

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Posted by: Nicky
Hiya yea brave Scotland trekkers,

As part of the epic tour you will soon embark on this Easter- everyone gets a t-shirt!
If you could simply comment below on what size shirt you want S, M, L, XL, XXL (its unisex) I can get the order through.

S-34/36,   M- 38/40   L-42/44   XL-46/48 etc.
Lots of love

Canoe Club Pool Session Cancellations

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Posted by: Gabs

Hi everyone,

Just to let you know about pool sessions over the remaining weeks of term.

  • Week 7 (week beginning 16/2/15): All pool sessions happening.
  • Week 8 (week beginning 23/2/15): Wednesday pool session given to canoe polo club.
  • Week 9 (week beginning 2/3/15): Wednesday pool session cancelled for Pop! social.
  • Week 10 (week beginning 9/3/15): All pool sessions happening.

In summary, the canoe club doesnÔÇÖt have our Wednesday sessions in week 8 and 9 (weeks beginning 23rd┬áFeb and 2nd┬áMarch), other than that it is as normal.


Real Ale!!

Posted 8y 7mth ago by Some Old Git
Posted by: Lauren
Sorry this is so late (somehow I managed to write an email but no news post). The plan for tomorrow is to meet at the duck for dinner at 5 (for those wanting dinner beforehand) or to meet in the queue at 6pm - no need to wait outside the copper rooms we'll congregate once inside. Real ale costs £3.50 for entrance. Once inside youre able to try hundreds of ales, fruit wines and ciders and experience the wonder that is dr busker. Theres even a hog roast!! Hopefully see you all there!!