Quiz and Film Night - Prizes to be won

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Posted by: Chunderboy Jr
For our social this week we will be having a film night on Thursday in S2.81 where we'll sit back and watch some awesome kayaking exploits from a nice warn dry room! This will include pro-stuff as well as some past club trips and a few expeditions by ex-members. What's more, attending will give you the chance to win some fantastic prizes - our very own Long Game works for Merrell ( ) who have kindly agreed to provide us with some great stuff, including:

3 pairs of shoes of your choice from the barefoot range (these are worth £90 each!)



Running tops


Long Game will be running a quiz (including stuff about Merrell, barefoot and some general knowledge) and giving out the prizes in between screenings. The room, S2.81 is in Social Sciences, I'll hang around in the foyer around 7 to guide people, but if you arrive later and can't find us then give me a call on oh7903one95041.

See you Thursday!

Real Ale

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Posted by: Chunderboy Jr
Ladies and Gentlemen

This Thursday it will once again reach that time of year when we pay homage to the great and mighty Warwick University Real Ale Festival.

I need not remind you of the 100+ ales from across the country awaiting us, the multitude of ciders, fruit wines and meads ready to be sampled nor the hog roast ready to soak up these wonderful beverages with its meaty goodness. No, there is simply no question of you not joining us on Thursday, because Thursday is the day of Busker:

Yes, the legendary Dr Busker (the uninitiated should click the above and learn ALL the words) will be with us once again bringing us the best damn songs known to the Canoe Club. So you would literally be crazy to miss out.

Be warned, there is no advance ticket sale so to guarantee entry to the very best night on campus all year make sure you are there when the door opens at 6pm.

We will see you on Thursday for MORE BEER!

Canoe Hoodies!

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Posted by: Becky

ItÔÇÖs that exciting time of year again when you get to order the fantastic canoe hoodies!!

The hoodies will have your name and the Warwick crest on the front and the NEW CANOE LOGO on the back.

With the quotes I currently have they will cost just over £20 each and the choice of colours is here:


If you would like to order a hoodie, please post below or email me ( the following details:

  • Name to be printed on the front of hoodie
  • Size
  • Colours


Remember, the designer of the winning logo will receive a free hoodie (this will be decided soon).

Lakes Trip

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Posted by: Bryce

A sign up for a river to the Lake District weekend of week 8/22 i.e 2nd/3rd/4th March is now up.

This is to gauge interest in the trip and see if it is feasible. A price is not yet known

Sign up if interested. It is the same weekend as NSR




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Posted by: Eilidh
Ladies and Gentlemen, You are cordinally invited to Warwick Canoe's Scotland Easter Tour 2012! Basically this is the email you have been waiting for, Scotland tour is the best chance in the year to paddle some awesome rivers. Think how great canoe trips normally are and times it by 10! If you need anymore evidence of how good it is check here and here So what do you need to know? Dates: 29th March- 6th April Place: Bonny Scotland Price: Priceless, but for everything else theres Mastercard (£190) Ideally you should have been on 2 river trips, you can always sign up then discuss experience with exec. Signup: Tomorrow (Wednesday) at 4pm Also the exchange rate to Scotish Pounds is very good at the moment so it is bound to be a fantastic trip! Love a very excited Tour Sec xx

Next Weeks Socials

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Posted by: Chunderboy Jr
Hi all, hope you're recovering from the hangovers and those of you coming on refreshers with us, good choice, it'll be awesome.

Next week will be Polo team Socials week, so if you're on a team then your captain will be contacting you about your social (if they haven't already that is).

But what if you are not on a polo team? Worry not, you still get a cracking social.
We'll be going down on tuesday to Tenpin in Leamington for a bit of bowling. I'll book a lane for around 8 o clock, I'll be getting the bus from campus after 7 so anyone's welcome to join me. Please let us know you intend to come so we know how many to book for.

Much love,


HPP trip

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Posted by: Alice

Dear minions,

We are going to have a small intermediate (or ÔÇÿintimateÔÇÖ) trip next Wednesday 4th February.┬á This will be to the excellent white water course, keep-your-mouth-closed-if-you-roll-or-swim, HPP!┬á I really recommend this trip for anyone who wants to run something harder than Nene/fun.

Unfortunately due to HPP regulations you have to be a fairly solid standard (ish) to be allowed on the course.  Therefore, we would like you to ideally be of at least 2* standard, preferably 3*, have a solid roll in the pool and have been on several white water trips.  If you are unsure about your abilities but are interested in coming along talk to or email a member of the exec.  We will be leaving around 12, but this is a car-based trip so it may be open to some negotiation with your chauffeurs.   Signup will be going up at 8:30am Thursday & cost around £10 (but bring £17 so you can pay for course high and you will be reimbursed but your slow and inefficient treasurer to the cost of £7).



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Posted by: Bryce
Hello all,

I am considering organising a trip to NSR and I just want to find out who would be interested. NSR is a freestyle tournament i.e. points are awarded for tricks on a river, and possibly for fancy dress on that river aswell. Prices are £39.50 for K1 entry, camping and party, these may go down if the club can afford to subsidise some of it. I have been told it is an amazing party and am interested to see if that holds up. For further information on the event ask some of the older (very older) members of the club or have a look on their website here:

It is the weekend of week 8 this term (week 22), the 2nd, 3rd 4th of March in real time. However there will be a pre-Scotland trip to the Lake District that same weekend so you will need to choose which you would prefer to do.

A sign up for this will go up tomorrow (Wednesday) around 5pm.

Your Crotchety Coach


Tales of Cock

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Posted by: Chunderboy Jr
Anyone fond of Sex on the Beach? Or perhaps you just fancy a Slow Comfortable Screw? Whatever your tastes, you'll be sure to finish with a Screaming Orgasm at the Canoe Club Cocktails this Thursday.

When? I just told you. Thursday, 8pm or so.
Where? The house of Nicole, Eilidh, Tom and Chunder in Royal Leamington Spa. (66 Ranelagh Terrace)
What? Cocktails! We'll be mixing you the best alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks all evening/until we run out/until we get bored and go to Kelseys. All for the modest sum of £5. Bargain!

Please sign up on the website in advance and get the money to either social sec since we'll need to know who's coming to know how much stuff to buy. Our sexy cocktail waiters and waitressess await your response!

Jackets have arrived! Hooray!

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Posted by: Becky
Your new snugly warm jackets are now in a box on the balcony, collect them at any pool session. :)