Polo session tonight!

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Posted by: Scamrass
(On behalf of Yellow)

There is a polo session in the pool from 7:30-8:30 tonight. Beginners welcome!

Please post below if you are coming.

ULU Sign Up!

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Posted by: Alfred
Hello everyone,

We are awaiting awaiting confirmation from ULU, but hopefully we should be entering a men's squad into the open league. If you are interested in playing (note: the tournament clashes with the Tyne Tour on the 6th and 7th of Nov), sign up has just gone up so put your name down.  


Thursday Pool Sessions

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 Hi guys! (oh i hate saying that)


As of this Thursday (week 3), the 3-4pm session on a Thursday will be for BEGINNERS ONLY. This gives all you beginners a fantastic chance to come along and have some structured coaching rather than the haphazard help that has been going on so far. The more advanced paddlers will be allowed back in the pool in about 6 weeks time.


Alex(Yellow) and myself will be running the coaching sessions. Any helpers that wish to come along may do so, but the priority for boats will be to the beginners.


So do you count as a beginner? If you have done none or very little paddling before then yes, this is you! We will be taking you from 'zero to hero'. For paddlers who have done a bit more, but feel like your basic skills are rusty, then come along too!


This week we will be covering the basics of forward paddling, backwards paddling and stopping. I will post up on the website every week as to what we are planning to cover in the session.

A Busy Week

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Posted by: Mofo

 Leam trip -

Tomorrow (Woho) Those of you coming from campus there is a bus at 10:19, make sure you don't miss it! Otherwise meet at Leam boat centre at 11am. Bring some lunch and dry clothes, some old shoes you don't mind getting wet is a good idea too. Cost is £3 and you'll need some money for the bus as well. Sign up on the website - see details below

Curry Social -

Just what it says on the tin! Thursday week 3 (21st) Millenium Balti in Leamington meet there at 7:30. If you're not sure where it is you'll find it on google maps. We'll most likely go to Kelseys bar and evolve after. It's a great night out and the perfect opportunity to get to know others in the club better.

Freshers Trip -

You definitely don't want to miss this one! A weekend trip to South Wales. We'll be leaving on Friday week 3 (22nd) at 4pm and returning on Sunday evening. This is a great introduction to whitewater kayaking, anyone can come as long as you have been to a pool session before and done a swim test and capsize drill.

Cost will be around £30. This will be confirmed in the next couple of days.

Sign ups -

Sign up is on the website ( click on trips. To sign in you need to be a memeber of the club then use your student number (not your IT login name) and the password for warwick sport site

That's just about all for now, any questions just email, post something on the forum, or ask someone at a session.

Happy Paddling!

Leam Trip Saturday

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Posted by: Yellow
Do you think the pool is just a tad too small for kayaking? Tired of only being in a boat for half an hour? We have the trip for you...

This Saturday (16th October) we are going on a trip to the great town of Leamington; it's where most of the non-freshers live... We'll be meeting at the Leam Boat Centre at about 11, where we shall have use of the changing rooms. We'll get changed and be on the water nice and quick. All the boats the club have will be there and a couple of us might even be in canoes. (Just me at the moment...)

Anyway, sign up is open now on; let me know if you can't log on. We aim to get everyone who signs up on the trip. It will cost just £3 for use of the changing rooms and transporting the boats to Leam; please bring £3 on the day.

We supply all the safety kit, just bring swim shorts, t shirt, old trainers and a fleece. If you need any more info, drop me an email or ask on the forum.

If you live on campus, we will arrange a meeting time on campus for you guys. You will then need to get the bus to Leam, which is about £3 return.


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Sorry if we've been filling your inbox with spam for the last week, but this is definitely the most important email you'll receive. You've hopefully seen a bit of what canoeing is like, but now it's time to see what we do out of the water.
We'll be going to Pop this wednesday (13th) Circling starts at 7 and fines could ensue for anyone later than 730, then we can dance the night away to the cheesey tunes. If you want to see photos of socials goneby,
The theme is superheroes. Make sure you buy your tickets in advance, apparently it sold out in advance last week, you can do that here
Looking forward to seeing all you lycra clad batmen and women on wednesday.
Einstein, Alice and Cloughy


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Welcome to the Canoe & Canoe Polo Clubs

Come down and try out Kayaking or Canoe Polo at one of our pool sessions in the Sports Centre Swimming Pool. All you need to bring is swimming kit (and a t-shirt for polo).

Canoe sessions:
Mondays 8:30-9:30pm
Thursdays 3:00-4:00pm
Friday 7:30-8:30pm (in Week 1 & 2 only)

Canoe Polo
Tuesdays 7:15-9:30pm

Have a browse of the website and take a look at the photos section to see what we have been up to over the last year. Head over to our stands at the Sports Fair on Tuesday too.

See you soon!

Mofo and Yellow
Canoe and Canoe Polo Presidents

Div 4 Central Tournament 1

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Posted by: Yellow
The first tournament is next Saturday (16th October). The following people have expressed interest, and if you can, we'd like you to play... Yellow Rach Buck Matt B Screamer Deller Jo Darling Thrumpton You need to be BCU members and available next Saturday afternoon/evening...

Nene Trip

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Posted by: Screamer
Hello everyone, I hope your first week of uni is a drink induced blur of amnesia.
Now that people have begun to try their hand at this kayaking malarkey, itÔÇÖs time to get onto some real water. Therefore this is the official announcement of our trip to the Nene whitewater course!

This man-made river stretches for 300 metres of fun but safe rapids and even forms a horseshoe to make walking back to the top easy (which is good because thereÔÇÖs nothing worse than walking). This trip is the best introduction possible for whitewater and is aimed at people of all abilities.

┬áThe date is set for Wednesday 13th Oct, meeting outside the sports centre at 11.30am, returning to campus at about 5.30pm, costing ┬ú5 for the whole trip. You will need swimming gear, shoes you donÔÇÖt mind getting wet (old trainers are perfect) and a towel, the club can provide everything else, however if you have your own kayaking kit feel free to bring it along.

You will need to be a member of the club. This is for insurance purposes and IÔÇÖm afraid there are no exceptions. This costs ┬ú5 as well, but that is the cheapest and (in my opinion) the best canoe club membership out there. ┬áThis can be done at the sports centre or on the Warwick sport website. In addition we need you to have been at a pool session, to ensure you know how to swim and exit a kayak etc.

To sign up:

After joining the club, log in at by entering your uni card number and Warwick sport password in the boxes on the left, then click on trips, then Nene trip then click sign up. After this is it will say your sign up is awaiting confirmation. Once itÔÇÖs confirmed we will email you.

Confirmations will be given on a first come first served basis, although priority will be given to new members.

Any more questions feel free to contact any members of the exec on the website, by email or at a pool session (theyÔÇÖre the ones looking confused and incompetent).

See you on the river!


Minibus Assessments

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Posted by: Mofo

If you are:

  • Current Student or Staff of the University of Warwick, associate Warwick Sport member or a External Coach
  • Over 21
  • No serious driving convictions
  • Driving for at least TWO years under a british or european driving licence.

Then you can drive a minibus for the canoe or polo club.

Application forms are available Students' Union North, you will require both parts of your Driving Licence (Paper and Plastic), one passport size photograph,  and a returnable deposit cheque of £10.00

There is a lecture on Thursday at 17:00 in RO.21 that you must attend. There will be other oppertunities throughout the year but you can attend the lecture before you're 21!

If you could drive a minibus please do so! The club wouldn't work without you guys and it's a good way of increasing your chances of getting on trips.