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Time: (PM) To be confirmed.

Keep watch fo further details.


Ice Skating on Wednesday!

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This really is happening! Sorry for the late notice!

Time: 8pm to 10pm

Place: Planet Ice @ Coventry Skydome

Date: Wednesday, Week 5

Cost: £5.40  - arena admission, £2 - skate hire, & bus fare if you don't own a bus pass.

See here for any further information:

It is likely there will be a group travelling via bus from the campus bus stop. If anyone knows which bus to get and when please post it on the forum as I have no idea about Coventry buses.

Also, if you will be driving and have free spaces, it might be good to advertise them on the forum also.

Lot's of cold and icey, yet still wet love.


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Jackets are here!

Steve will be giving them out at the pool session at 3. If you get there early please DO NOT just take your own as it makes keeping track of who has collected them a nightmare.


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As some of you know, G was injured yesterday at Score. He suffered a broken jaw and a missing tooth, and is now in Coventry Hospital.

His surgery is scheduled for tomorrow morning and he is currently on painkillers. I've got a card which I will be taking to canoe this afternoon for people to sign, and will be going to visit him with Snow tonight. I'll be around on campus until just after 6:00pm so if people want to sign the card or anything just give me a call.

Huge amount of thanks to Jen for going with him last night (and de-smurfing so very fast).

Cardiff Uni Canoe Polo Tournament

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Posted by: Buzz Lightyear
Alright crew!

We'll be sending a Mens A, Mens B and Ladies team to Cardiff Uni Canoe Polo Tournament.

What you need to know:
When:  Week 7 Weekend. Leaving the afternoon of Friday 26th Feb-Returning evening of Sunday 28th Feb
What: 8 teams per division with "exciting prizes" for winning!
What some more: There's gonna be a party on the Saturday night with Circus Theme fancy dress!!!!

Also: Hot and cold food will be available to purchase throughout the weekend.

What you need to do:
Signup on the website.


P.S. There is a Facebook group here:


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The National Student Rodeo 2010 is here!

The largest playboating event in the┬ácountry (apparently) returns to destroy our livers and dignity. You might get in a boat, but the onus is definitely on ludicrous costumes and inebriated frivolity. If you're not sure what itÔÇÖs about check out this video, featuring a cameo by┬áour own Herr Dunphy, heÔÇÖs the one looking dazed and confused.

It will be held at Holme Pierrepont in Nottingham, on the 5th - 7th March, and the party theme will be ancient worlds, so think togas and gladiators. Or maybe just turn up naked and call yourself the Statue of David.

Cost will be around ┬ú40 for the weekend, with an extra ┬ú10 for a t-shirt and ┬ú5 for a ÔÇ£gourmetÔÇØ burger and pint on the Friday night. Because IÔÇÖm a simpleton and I wonÔÇÖt be able to remember who wants what, there will be three sign ups, one for each, so remember to do all of them.

Sign up goes live at 5pm (assuming I remember), so get to it!


Polo training on Tuesday

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Afternoon all.

It has been decided that this Tuesday we should focus on keeping a strong defence, which is what we will do.

People have different ideas about what defence they like, they are all similar in ways, so we'll try focusing on just one to simplify things, the two and two defence.

Please read

then I won't have to explain it to for the first time on the night, and you can spend less time thinking "This is rubbish, he's such a dick-head, this doesn't work, I don't understand the point".

The format is likely to be: two teams get on the pitch, practice attacking and defending against eachother in some sort of slow motion. If this doesn't take too long, then a game will follow. Swap with another two teams, do the same, and so on. Then games when this is finished.

As always, please turn up early to help set up, or at the very least on time! Please help clear away at the end too. It's only fair.


Pop! Week 4 SMURF-TIME

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Wed 3rd Feb (week 4)

Pop in the union, usual drill (buy tickets online in advance from, except this time.....

The theme is smurfs!

Generic and everyone will be the same, but that, my friend, is the point...

Penalties for anyone who is not completely some shade of blue (with white bits). 

Go here for inspiration:

Please sign up in the trips section so we can set up the right amount of space. 

Also, it's my 20th so I expect to see you all out.... (also at Smack the night before yeeessss)

Jen & Muffy


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Posted by: Sarah

Hello everyone!!

This is THE anticipated email about the OH SO WONDERFUL tour that will be occurring over Easter where we will be travelling yonder to the far hills of Scotland for 7 days of paddling extravanganza...

What exactly is it? This is the big tour of the year where we head up to Scotland for 7 days (+2 for travelling) spend the day time paddling and the evenings being jolly and merry.

WHEEENNNN is it?  We will be heading up on the 25th March and returning on the 2nd April. 

WHERE? We will be spending 3 days paddling in the Inverness area and 4 days in Fort William  - which gives us a good range of rivers. much? It will be AROUND #150 for accommodation/travel. Food will be extra on top of that, but if we club together we can keep the cost low. 

Why should I go? 

  • It's THE tour of the year. It will be great. Simple As.
  • You gain a load of river experience so you can improve your skillz 
  • It will be a flourishing with social time brilliance
  • It's a great time to get to know people in the club perhaps a bit more than you would like or anticipate... If that s the case, almost certainly there will be some wonderful stories...
  • It's in Scotland. That s a pretty cool point for me as a Southerner, the North is one unexplored place. And it counts as abroad.
  • It only happens once a year and you re only at uni once in your life. MAKE THE MOST OF IT.
  • (Though I do not wish to boost the 'anonymous' person s ego) As a club member says: If you re not sure, always err on the side of Fun .


So Sarah, HOW can I get involved in this wonderfully exciting sounding trip? I will be putting sign up on the site today at 12pm (if the site will let me...). If you re unsure about your capabilities etc, sign up anyway and we ll have a chat with you about it at a later point.

Sorry if I have been overly excitable and hyperbolic. It s a lot for tour to live up to, but the only way to see is if you COME :-)

Your Tour Sec,

Sarah x


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Are you hungry? I am, the chip shop was closed on my way home :(!

So I have a solution to the problem, and it's called CURRY!!

£12 will get you papadoms, rice, naan, and 6 pots of curry to dip into as you fancy. (varying degrees of hotness and a veggie option will be available). Bring your own drinks. What a bargain!

So. This will be happening at Heart of India in Leamington on Thursday 28th Jan (week 3) at 7pm.

Most likely followed by Kelseys and Evolve.

Any questions just ask!

Jen and Mofo x