Canoe Polo Training in Stratford

Posted 1y 2mth ago by Adriana Cormack
Hey everyone! There is an opportunity for any experienced players to go along to Cherwell (a Canoe Polo team based in Stratford) and train alongside them from 19:30-22:00 on Sundays at Stratford Leisure Centre.
Each session will cost £7.50 plus fuel for car transport that will be sorted out between attending members.
If you are interested, react to the post on Facebook and I will get a group chat set up to organise transport etc.
Even if you can't make every session, still feel free to join the group chat and come along when works for you as it will be great experience to train and play alongside some Division 2 players.
Any questions feel free to drop me a message.
Polo love,
Adi x

Nottingham Canoe Polo Tournament

Posted 1y 2mth ago by Dan Collier

Nottingham University is hosting a canoe polo tournament over the weekend of week 3. Warwick Canoe will be entering an Open team and a FRESHERS team. We may also be entering a ladies' team based on interest in conjunction with Birmingham Uni Canoe Polo. If you have played canoe polo with us before this will be a great opportunity to refresh your skills after the long summer break. If you have never played canoe polo, this is your chance to give it a try. The freshers' team will only play other freshers' teams, so everyone will be in the same position. Not only will this give you a chance to give canoe polo a try outside of the pool sessions but also the chance to experience being part of the wider canoe polo community.

If you are interested in playing please use the following links to sign up, you must have an account on the website to sign up:

The cost of the weekend is still to be confirmed.

Any questions please feel free to ask any member of the exec.

May the tournaments begin again,



Posted 1y 5mth ago by Adriana Cormack

Hey everyone, we just wanted to say thank you for a wonderful year this year and congratulations to those graduating! 

Congrats to those in particular who received ‘club colours’ for their contribution to the clubs:

Rowan Preston

Canoe Polo:
Beth Hudson

We hope everyone has a lovely summer and see you all when term starts again in September!

Canolo love,

Adi, Sam and the rest of both execs x


<><ICF Freestyle World Championship Finals<><

Posted 1y 5mth ago by Sam Pfeffer-Matthews
The Finals are being held this Saturday up in Nottingham which shall prove to be a great day where we'll be able to see some of the best kayakers from around the world compete at one event.
We hope to get there for around noon and be back late that evening.
The event itself is 100% free to attend, and we'd only be asking for a basic fuel reimbursement afterwards.
If you haven't been added to the chat for the event yet, let me know asap so we can try and organise transport!
Canoe Love
Sam Xx


Posted 1y 5mth ago by Adriana Cormack

Hey everyone, here are the polo sessions for the last few weeks:


Tuesday 13th June- RAGE this is our last day of the RAGE tournament. Find out who will be crowned the winners on Wednesday 👀


Friday 17th June- 21:00-22:00 as normal


Saturday 18th June- CANCELLED due to a water polo tournament 


Tuesday 21st June- 20:30-22:00 as normal


Friday 24th June- Cancelled due to Surf


Saturday 25th June-  Cancelled due to Surf


Tuesday 28th June- 20:30-22:00 as normal


Friday 1st July- 21:00-22:00 Last session of the year 😰😰


Hoping to see as many of you there before the end of term!


Polo love,


Adi and the rest of the exec 💛

Week 8 – BBQ and POP!

Posted 1y 6mth ago by Emma Hymas
Hola amigos!
With exams out of the way (lucky for some), POP! makes its last appearance of the year.
Make sure to buy a Week 8 event only ticket as we will be grilling in the Claycroft suburbs (with some circling taking place too). We’ll meet at the Claycroft entrance at 7 as finding the BBQ can be a little bit challenging.
Whilst the BBQ will be set up and ready for arrival, remember to bring your own grilling goods and beverages of choice. Finding your way to Tesco and back is not for the faint of heart.
Lastly, the theme for this week is: Cocktails! 🍹
From an Old Fashioned to a Zombie, come dressed up as a cocktail of your choice. Non-unique costumes will attract a small punishment.
If you’re in need of some more inspiration here’s a list of some famous cocktails -
Social Love,
John and Emma xx


Posted 1y 6mth ago by Adriana Cormack


><><><Club Satisfaction Survey><><><




This years ‘Club Satisfaction Survey’ is now open! This is a chance for you to provide feedback to Warwick Sport about the club and Warwick Sport as a whole.


The club who receives the greatest percentage of responses will receive £200 towards equipment, meaning, if you have a spare 5/10 minutes we would love if you could fill it out (clicking both Canoe and Canoe Polo if you are a member of both clubs) 


The link is here:


Any questions just let me know!


Canolo love,


Adi, Sam and the rest of both execs x


Posted 1y 6mth ago by Adriana Cormack

Hey everyone!! Thursday Week 10 (30th June) Warwick Canoe and Canoe Polo are having our annual ‘Epic Party’. For those that don’t know, this is the clubs version of a summer ball (but half the price) and is one not to be missed!


It will be held at Leamington Rugby Club (timings will be confirmed closer to the time, but it will be an evening event) and will include a BBQ, alcohol, bouncy castle, a few games along with a few surprises 👀


There are two tickets to buy (alcoholic or non- alcoholic) so sign up on the website here:


Alcoholic (£30) :


Non-Alcoholic (£22) :


note: by signing up you are obligated to pay for your ticket



This is also one of our events with a formal dress code meaning no jeans or joggers! 


It would be great to see as many of you there as possible as it is a great way to celebrate the year and commemorate those graduating!!


Canolo love,


Adi, Beth, John and Emma










<><ICF Freestyle World Championships and Playboating Training opportunity<><

Posted 1y 6mth ago by Sam Pfeffer-Matthews
Hi all,
We will be running a couple trips over the next month up to Nottingham for those who want to improve their playboating skills!
  1. Michał has been in contact with his kayaking coach (few times Poland champion and World Cup champion) who will be staying in Nottingham while training for the world Championship finals! There may be the opportunity for him to run a training session either for playboating on flatwater or in a hole next weekend (11/12th June).
  2. Saturday the 2nd July also sees the biggest freestyle event of the year at the Men’s and Women’s ICF world championships final, which shall showcase the best professional freestyle kayakers in the world. We hope to run a casual trip up to Nottingham HPP to give it a watch!
Let me know asap if you'd be interested in either trip and we'll put something together!
Canoe Love
Sam xx

Polo Sessions this week

Posted 1y 6mth ago by Adriana Cormack
Happy Monday! I hope everyone's exams are going well!
Polo sessions will look slightly different for the next few weeks as we have our RAGE tournament (details about signing up to the fantasy league can be found here: This is what sessions are looking like this week:
Tuesday 31st May- 20:30- 22:00 RAGE tournament PLUS some games at the end for anyone to participate in so even if you are not taking part in RAGE (you can just sit and enjoy for the first half of the session)
Friday 3rd June- CANCELLED due to the bank holiday
Saturday 4th June- 17:00-19:00 a chilled boat/ball skills session for anyone to attend
Polo love,
Adi and the rest of the exec