Dinnertime destress

Posted 8mth 11d ago by Dan Collier
Morning all,
For this week's dinnertime destress bring along a beverage 🍻 of your choosing hot ☕ or cold 🥃 and it can be alcohol🥂 if that what you desire 🍸. We will be taking this time to relax, chat and forget about those pesky deadlines.
So come along on Monday at 7pm to teams, the link is below:
Canolo love,
Dan and all the exec

Week 4 social

Posted 8mth 14d ago by James Hickmott
Halløj all,
First of all, a couple of important announcements, first, this week's social will be moving to Teams, and secondly, we would like to congratulate everyone on raising £47.50 last week!
Anyway, this evening, at 7, we will be looking for some interesting/entertaining photos of you next to some of your local landmarks, and they will be judged in a similar way to the Taskmaster social.
Photos we're looking for:
  • Nearest pub🍻
  • Nearest River🌊
  • Nearest play area/climbing frame🎢
  • Anything else interesting you can find🤔
Then for the final round, we will be looking for the most interesting/funny item you can find around the house.
Hoping to see you all there,
Social love,
From James, Dan, and all the exec
Link to Teams:[0]=AT0nE7xxRgm6NI1a022cPmRvDjb4YenG5N9fAsCWgpLPiW65g9FyMDlEeT3KDnJhdSrykkjBQBTfaFARtd6OoC212F-sH4bUCFFWhsXsqm-ex-pixEyOQIFmNinmDk0zq6A0qEtC8KHQnr5RWun_0dtThjRe

Week 4 social

Posted 8mth 17d ago by James Hickmott
Gott kvöld all,
For this week's social, we're planning to get everyone on board with Strava. The plan is to visit your local landmarks on your run/walk and take an interesting/funny photo of yourself by each one or just a couple if you would rather. These will then be judged in a similar way to our taskmaster social.
Photos we are looking for:
  • Nearest pub🍻
  • Nearest River🌊
  • Nearest play area/climbing frame🎢
  • Anything else interesting you can find🤔
Then for the final round, we will be looking for the most interesting/funny item you can find around the house.
Looking forward to seeing you all at 7 on Thursday evening!
Social love,
From James, Dan, and all the exec

Dinnertime Destress

Posted 8mth 17d ago by Lara Hogan

Tidy Desk, Tidy Mind, right?

Sometimes it’s the little things we don’t even notice that can cause us stress. For some people, having a cluttered space where you work and/or relax can be one of them. 

Join me this evening where I attempt to organise the Lesser Coventry Garbage Patch aka my room. Have a chat, have a go, or just watch me attempt to be productive, everyone’s welcome. Just take some time for yourself today. 

Catch you later! Click here to join

Paddling Love,


Strava: Week 1 Update

Posted 8mth 17d ago by Claudia Perry

Happy February one and all!💜


Here’s your update for week 1 of the strava challenge, and the new challenges for week 2:


A massive well done to everyone who’s taken part this week - the kudos has been flowing!!🌊 And a special shout out to James, reaching the Etive level🤩🤩 - providing us all with some motivation💪.


For week 2, in the words of Miley Cyrus, it’s all about The Climb🎶 -  the challenge focus will be elevation🏔⛰.


🧡Usk: 100m

🧡Leven: 200m

🧡Etive: 300m


Strava automatically tracks elevation, so just remember to start tracking all your runs/walks as runs and get climbing some mountains🧗‍♀️🧗‍♂️!


As always, the goals will be reset on Sunday at midnight, and if you’re yet to join us, then the link to the strava group is here.


Feel free to share any snaps of your adventures in the comments below!!📸


Strava love, have a great week,



Strava Palava: The Return

Posted 8mth 22d ago by Claudia Perry

New year, new lockdown, and now a new club strava challenge!🥳


It was great to see so many of our members get involved in the strava challenge last term - so I hope you’re all ready and raring to go for round two - wherever you are!!🏃‍♂️🏃🏃‍♀️

Over the next several weeks, the club will launch new weekly challenges on Mondays, and you can pick which river level to aim for each week:


💧Usk: everyone needs a gentle paddle every once in a while🛀

💦Leven: for something a little choppier🗡

🌊Etive: aim high and push the boat out🛶


The goals will reset every Sunday at midnight, and walking and running activities only will be counted.


For week 1, we’re keeping it simple, kicking off with the following distance-based challenges:

💙Usk: 10km

💙Leven: 20km

💙Etive: 30km


Week 1 starts NOW (so it’s a slightly shorter week this week!!) - get out in the fresh air and enjoy the last of the ❄️snow❄️ while you can.


As before, activities will be tracked via our club 🧡strava group🧡, so if you haven’t already, join us at the link here. To allow your activities to be tracked to the club group, both runs and walks need to be tracked as ‘runs’.


On another note, I don’t think I’m alone in still being in the “trying to wrap my head around it” phase of the times we’re living through. Take this as a friendly reminder that me and the rest of both execs are here if you need us.

Be kind to yourself, you’re doing amazing💜


Sending ‘kudos’ and socially-distanced hugs,


Claudia and both execs xxxxx

Week 3 Destress 🇯🇵🇯🇵

Posted 8mth 24d ago by Joe Petersen

😌😌dinnertime destress😌😌

tommorow's destress will be Japanese themed 🇯🇵⛩️🗾🍵

so get yourself under a warm kotatsu🔥, brew yourself a green tea ☕(or a hot drink of your choice), and we'll do some origami 📜

in the meantime I hope everyone is taking some time outside to enjoy the snow! ❄️☃️🥶

join the call at 7pm for all the fun and good vibes

(scroll for the horrible link that ruins the post)



















Week 3 Social - Macmillan Quiz Night 🧐

Posted 8mth 25d ago by Dan Collier

Good afternoon all,

For the social this week we are hosting a quiz night, which has been created by Macmillan Cancer Support. As a way to support Macmillan we are asking everyone who wishes to attend the evening to donate a minimum of £1.50 using the link below: 

Macmillan Cancer Support is a great charity that supports people living with cancer and like many charities has been hit hard by the pandemic with fundraising events being cancelled and charity shops having to close during lockdowns. For more information about the charity visit the link below: 

The quiz will be on Thursday at 7 pm on discord and there will be 2 quizzes, an original Quiz night quiz and a 2020 quiz, so turn up to test your knowledge, have some fun and support a great charity.

Social love,

Dan, James and all the exec

Dinertime Destress

Posted 9mth 1d ago by Tara
DESTRESSSSSS at Dinnertime
Hopefully everyone's having a good start to term. Destress will be continuing this week on Monday at 7pm. This week we'll be learning some sign language. It would also be great to learn some words from anyone's second or native languages if they're willing to share. Follow the link below to join:
Polo love

Week 16 Cocktail social

Posted 9mth 1d ago by James Hickmott
🍹🧊 Week 16 Cocktails social 🧊🍹
Salut all,
This week, we will be heading to discord on Thursday at 7:00 for a cocktail🍸🥂 social. So feel free to dress up and bring whatever interesting drinks you can find around the house🍾, ready to make any kind of fancy cocktail.
Looking forward to seeing you all there,
Social love,
From James, Dan and all the exec.