Skool Dayz

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Posted by: Owen

**Skool Days**

Hey everyone
Tickets are still available for Week 8 Skool days so make sure to snatch them up before they go:

We will be pre-ing at Westwood at Rob’s flat (Loxley) from 9:30 and everyone’s welcome even if you don’t want to go to the Copper Rooms afterwards.

Canoe Love
Owen and Cameron

Welcome Freshers!

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Posted by: Fresher Christine

Welcome to the University of Warwick Canoe and Canoe Polo Clubs!


Our pool sessions are aimed at people of all abilities, from kayaking experts to complete beginners. All you need to bring to each session is yourself and swimming kit, and we will supply the rest. At your first pool session you are required to swim 2 lengths and then do a capsize drill whilst supervised and guided by one of our experienced members.


We are now over at the NEW fancy Sports Hub on Scarman Road, behind Heronbank (Hype!)



  •        Monday 8:30 – 10:00 pm
  •        Wednesday 8:30 – 10:00 pm

Canoe Polo

  •        Tuesday 8:30 – 10:00 pm
  •        Wednesday 8:00 – 9:00 am – Ball throwing Practice @ Westwood Games Hall
  •        Saturday 5:30 – 7:30 pm

We offer FREE taster sessions for the first 3 weeks of term

After every evening session we will frequent The Dirty Duck and after Ball Throwing we generally go to Xananas for Breakfast. If you have missed these sessions drop us a message on the Facebook page and we can arrange a time for you to come along.


Tournaments & Competitions

As the year progresses the Canoe Polo club will host and attend a multitude of tournaments. These will cater to all abilities and are a great way to improve skills and earn some sweet medals. Everything leads towards the BUCS tournament where mens, ladies and B teams from universities across the country compete with the aim to determine the British Champions.


On Friday evenings (8:30 – 10:00pm) we host squad training sessions which primarily focus on preparation for the tournaments.


On the Canoe side we participate against other Universities at BUCS Wild Water Racing on the River Washburn.



Throughout the year the Canoe Club has multiple Whitewater trips around the UK before heading to Scotland for the annual tour at Easter. These trips are accessible for members of all abilities and are a great opportunity to improve your gnar shredding ability.


Additionally members will organise peer-paddling trips throughout the year to rivers and whitewater courses, generally these are advertised on the Facebook Group.


Canoe Polo also holds training sessions on the River Leam in, unsurprisingly, Leamington Spa. These generally occur in Term 2 and the main aim is to practice boat skills, ball skills and fitness. As is par for the club this will most likely be followed by a trip to the pub.


All year round the club runs a variety of socials from Pub Golf to LaZerquest and from Christmas Meal to EPIC Party(our version of Sports Ball), there is something for everyone


Signs up for trips and tournaments all happen through our website so if you are interested in joining this raggedy crew please make an account on the website. To make an account for the website, click this link

Look forward to seeing you soon,


Canolo Love,

F.Chris, Joe and everyone else on the Exec

🏄‍♂️🍺🏄‍♀️ SURF BOOZE 🏄‍♀️🍺🏄‍♂️

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Sup Dudes and Dudettes,
It wouldn't be a proper surf trip without some booze and now you can order some!
Use the link below, just add your name and what you want. We've got all your classic ciders but due to lack of interest sadly there's no ale this year ├░┼©╦£┼¥
If there's a drink you'd like to see at surf that's not on the sheet then feel free to add it and, depending on interest, we'll do our best to order it in! (Plz more ale)
Rough pricing and more options can be found here for cider: and here for the wine:
The cut-off for all this ordering is Tuesday 18th June.
Happy Surfing!
Cameron, Owen and all the Exec

Epic Party

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Posted by: Owen

***Epic Party!!!***


Hey everyone,

Hope your exams are going well and that the end is in sight! As the end of term draws nearer its time for Warwick Canoe’s take on Sports Ball, only much, much better.

On 27th June (Thursday Week 10) we will descend on Leamington Rugby Club for a night filled with food, drink, bouncy castle and lots of fun!

There are two ticket options, alcoholic and non-alcoholic, both come with BBQ food, snacks and an open bar (subject to availability).

Alcoholic Signups (£30):

Non-Alcoholic Signups (£20):

Please Note: By signing up for the trip you are committing to pay!


Canolo Love

Owen, Cameron and everyone else that thinks they’re in charge.

Summer Tournements

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Posted by: Dan

Hi polo players!

I would like to see if anyone’s interested in entering a team for the 21st London International Canoe Polo Tournament on the 27-28/07/19. The event is held at Danson Park, Bexleyheath. It is a great weekend of polo with a BBQ on the Saturday night.

The link to the tournament info page:

The entry cost is £100 per team and that includes camping for free!

The team that enters be responsible for the entry fee and transport however as your representing us we will provide kit.

Sign-ups are live on the website for anyone who’s interested in entering a team:


Dan and the polo exec


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Posted by: Owen
Hey everyone!
Just a quick reminder to order your Surf T-Shirts by this WEDNESDAY (5th).
Fill out the doodle poll here:
They'll cost roughly £12 and they'll be a sexy mystery colour chosen by a├î┬Âl├î┬Âl├î┬ ├î┬Ât├î┬Âh├î┬Âo├î┬Âs├î┬Âe├î┬ ├î┬Âg├î┬Âr├î┬Âa├î┬Âd├î┬Âu├î┬Âa├î┬Ât├î┬Âi├î┬Ân├î┬Âg├î┬ ├î┬Ât├î┬Âh├î┬Âi├î┬Âs├î┬ ├î┬Ây├î┬Âe├î┬Âa├î┬Âr├î┬  the secetary, the names are chosen by the graduates, oops.
Canoe Love
Owen and the Canoe Exec

Surf's Up (on the website)!

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Posted by: Lara

Signups for Surf Trip are now live! The Canoe Club will be returning to Newgale campsite for days of (hopefully) sun, sea, sand, and surf!

Signups are on the website at

T-shirt Doodle is here:

Please sign up for both a Leaving AND and a return trip or we will leave you in Wales. Just kidding (sort of)!

We’ll be bringing boats along to hopefully get some surf kayaking in, but it’s mostly just an opportunity to hang out at the end of the year. Don’t forget your camp chairs!

Camping will be £6 per person per night, and feel free to invite your friends :) The campsite has recently upgraded its offerings and now has Free Wi-fi! The trip ticket will also cost £25 to cover everything else. If you plan to bring someone else along, please inform a member of the exec. 

T-shirts will cost ~£12pp (costs cannot be confirmed until the whole order has been placed sorry) and will once again be in a sexy, sexy mystery colour with names chosen by those leaving us this year. 

Paddling Love,

Lara and the Canoe Exec

P.S If anyone has some spare wood for the bonfire, let us know!


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Posted by: Lara

Heyo Boyos, it’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for!


FANTASY LEAGUE ENTRIES are now open! Here are the teams you will be playing in during the tournament:


Team Mario                                Team Luigi                               Team Toad

Jamie      £8,800                           Lewis        £9,010                    Luke         £8,260

Dan         £5,060                           Val            £6,520                    Liam         £7,560

Claudia   £3,090                           Rob           £2,610                    Cameron   £2,800

Elsa        £6,670                           Jonathan   £5,850                    Jake          £5,190

Seb         £6,220                           Alwin         £4,230                    Erik           £4,250

James     £4,390                          Joe            £7,570                    Alpha        £7,830

Hector     £7,500


RULES: You have a maximum of £40,000 to spend on your fantasy team

              No more than 3 players from each team listed here is allowed in a single entry

              Each entry costs £3: £1 to charity, £2 to the winner’s pot

              You may enter as many teams as you like, so long as you pay up!

              The deadline for entering a team to the league is the start of the first RAGE game

              No copycat teams! Whichever of the identical teams is timestamped the earlier owns it


To make sure it’s all fair in what each person knows, these are the final lists of things that will affect an individual’s points:

Positive: Use of all subs in both halves (3), winning a break (points for all in team) (2), no cards (3), reffing (3 fixed per day), scoring (5), blocking (1), appearance (1), ball win (2), goal assist (4), binning (1, successful and legal), saved shot (2).

Negative: Red Card (10), yellow Card (6), green card (3), someone on your team swims (1), any shot outside of the 6m (4).

Your team’s goal difference will also be added to your score!


There will be two Rage games each Tuesday, as follows:

Week 5 (21/05) MvL, MvT

Week 6 (28/05) LvM, LvT

Week 7 (04/06) TvM, TvL


Please submit your entries either on this post, by emailing me (, or messaging me directly on Facebook.

Have fun! See you soon :)
Your friendly trainee Coach,


Rage Emails :)

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Posted by: Lara
If you signed up for Rage please check your emails! I have just sent out the player ratings sheet which I need you to return to me tomorrow at 19:00 :)
Also, because it's not a Lara email without me forgetting something, please don't include yourself in the ratings ├░┼©╦£ÔǪ
Polo Love,
Lara <3

Rage Tournament 2019 - Everyone Welcome!

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Posted by: Lara


Our friendly (├░┼©╦£ÔǪ) neighbourhood fantasy tournament is back again for 2019!

For the uninitiated, Rage is a tournament within the club where teams compete against each other for ultimate glory! It works similarly to fantasy football, with people and teams gaining points for more than just goals...(More details on this to follow)

Signups are open now, and will close on Monday night. Games will be in Tuesday’s sessions and are planned to start in Week 5.

Any questions, feel free to ask below or message me directly on Facebook :)

Happy Paddling!

Your friendly trainee Coach

Lara <3