POP! and Skool dayz tickets!

Posted 1y 3mth ago by Emma Hymas

Hey all,

Hope everyone's having a lovely holiday. As you might have seen POP! and Skool dayz tickets for term 2 are on sale!
We will be attending POP! week 3 and 9 and Skool dayz week 8.
You'll need a circling ticket for both week 3 and 9 POP! and an event only for week 8 Skool dayz.
Tickets available here:
We hope to see lots of you there!
Social Love,
Emma and John xx

<><Term1 Review<><

Posted 1y 4mth ago by Sam Pfeffer-Matthews

We hope you guys have had a great time this term!

We would absolutely love to hear from everyone about how you found this term in the canoe and canoe polo clubs so, if you have a spare moment please fill in one or both of the following forms:





all responses are totally anonymous and we would really appreciate the feedback, the form takes no more than 30s to fill out 😃!


Canolo love,

Sam and all the execs xx

Sliders Order Extended + Beanies Update

Posted 1y 4mth ago by Yousuf Mohammed

Happy Week 9 everyone, we are almost at the end!!


For those who ordered beanies, you should have a message from me with payment details.


For those ordering sliders, unfortunately since not enough people ordered them, they would be too expensive to order for just those individuals. 


So I will be leaving the sliders order open until the new year. This means if anyone else would like to order sliders after Christmas, when you’ve got a bit more cash, are welcome to do so.


If enough people do manage to order they should cost £26.40.


Sorry to the people who have ordered already.


Any questions or issues please let one of us know :) 


Secretary Love,


Yousuf, Brother and all of the exec xx

🥸 Movember Polo Tournament 🥸

Posted 1y 4mth ago by Adriana Cormack

Hey everyone! 


For Movember, we have decided to make next weeks Tuesday pool session (Tuesday 29th) a mini intra-tournament with a twist! 


For the occasion, we ask for everyone to come in fancy dress (there will be prizes for best costumes) and compete to be crowned champions.


We ask for everyone competing to pay a minimum contribution of £1 towards Movember (given to Molly during the session)! And please sign up here: so that we are able to create the teams and schedule prior to the session! This tournament is suitable for everyone, regardless of how much polo you have played before!


Please note: costumes have to still allow sufficient movement and a BA, Spray deck and Helmet to be worn. We may ask you to do a swim test if we want to double check the safety :)) 


If you have any questions, feel free to drop me, Molly or any of the exec a message. 


Polo love,


Adi and the rest of the exec x


Posted 1y 4mth ago by Emma Hymas
Hey everybody,
This Saturday we’ll be dusting off our old school uniform and heading to campus for our termly School Dayz circle.
Make sure you buy a school dayz week 8 event only ticket ASAP if you don’t have one yet. If you don’t manage to grab one it time, we have a few spares so just message me or Emma
Circle will start 7:30 at a campus Accom (will be announced very shortly). Don’t be late!
The Pop theme for week 9 is…. Villains. So come in your most devious outfit. Make sure you buy a CIRCLING ticket for week 9 if you don’t have one yet
Social Love,
John & Emma xxx

<><>< Sliders and Beanies Order ><><>

Posted 1y 4mth ago by Yousuf Mohammed


Hey everyone! 


As we approach the colder winter nights ahead of us, you can stay warm with some Warwick Canoe beanies!! 

These stylish hats look cool, keeping you warm outside, and inside your home. Meaning less bills and essentially paying for themselves. 


Add to that some very comfy sliders that could make any outfit pop 🤩 whether you are at home, on the beach or at the pool.  


More information on the sliders can be found here:


The main bit is that there are two types of sliders available with different straps (same cost): 


EMBOSSED = High quality man-made leather (vegan) with an embossed line around the edge. Perfect for those who wear sliders with socks!

STITCHED = Man-made leather strap with additional padding and stitch finish. Perfect for those who wear sliders without socks


Ordering, along with photos and prices will be on the google form below:


Exact prices depend on the number of orders. Orders will close a week today (28th of November 1pm), and after then you will receive payment details . 


Both sliders and beanies should be available to collect first thing term two. 


If you have any queries feel free to get in touch with one of us or any of the other execs!


Secretary Love,


Yousuf, Brother and all the exec xx

Secret Santa 🎅

Posted 1y 5mth ago by Emma Hymas

Hey all,


If we haven't got you feeling Christmassy enough in November yet, here comes the announcement of secret santa.


Anyone can sign up at:


The deadline to sign up is Sunday 27th November and the price limit for gifts is £10

The gift swap will be taking place at Christmas dinner but if you can't make it feel free to still sign up and me and John will make sure your gifts end up in the right place.


Social Love,

Emma and John xxx

T- 30 hours till ball throwing....

Posted 1y 5mth ago by Adriana Cormack
Hey everyone! Some exciting news for you all on this grey Thursday morning. Ball throwing is making a comeback, bigger and better than ever before- mainly because its not in Westwood at 8am.
Ball throwing is on tomorrow from 4pm-5pm in Zone C of the sports hub (through the gates and down the stairs) so come along to improve your ball throwing skills, but also just for a laugh and a chilled mini-social. Absolutely no need to come in the latest gym gear, just trousers you will happily move around in and suitable trainers are absolutely fine.
Don't forget to book on, like normal, via the Warwick Sport website.
Hoping to see you there,
Polo love,
Adi x

Week 7 Socials - Board games & Kasbah

Posted 1y 5mth ago by Emma Hymas
Hey everybody,
Board Games
Plans foiled by a mere kids birthday party, we’re instead hosting a board game night this Thursday
Come along at 7.30pm to OC1.02 (the Oculus) to have a very relaxed evening of board game playing and potential pizza hut orders.
Kasbah Friday
Disappointed about missing a day out in picturesque Coventry? Ever wondered what it’s like to stand in the presence of God? Don’t fear as we also bring good news of a club Kasbah trip this Friday
Mark ‘The Beast’ Labbett from the Chase is doing a meet and greet at Kasbah, and frankly is there a much worthier cause to enter Coventry than to meet The Beast
Pres location will be in Leam and will be finalised very shortly.
If you’re planning on coming to Kasbah, click going here:
Social Love,
John and Emma xx

<><Dee Day Trip<><

Posted 1y 5mth ago by Sam Pfeffer-Matthews

Hi all,


We will be running a day trip to the River Dee on Sunday 20th November. The cost of this is £18 per person. As it is a day trip it will be an early start and we will be returning to campus in the evening.

This is a perfect opportunity for all members to work on your paddling skills on moving water and is open to all abilities.


Signups will be this Thursday at noon:


Canoe Love

Sam xx