><> ><>Strava: Week 3 update <>< <><

Posted 8mth 3d ago by James Hickmott
Morning all,
Last week's challenge was slightly different, Strava art!
people posted photos of their runs and whoever managed to get the best combinations of reactions will be the winner, and I am happy to announce that this week's winner👑 is Claudia, with a total of 12 points.
Both Claudia and Joe managed to achieve Leven level this week with Ivan close behind at Usk level.
Week 4's challenge will be more of a long game. The winner shall be whoever manages to get outside and do at least 30 mins of exercise for the most days this week, obviously with the highest score you can manage this week at 7.
The different stages will be:
😀Usk - 2 days
😁Leven - 4 days
😆Etive - 6 days (7 if you're feeling up to it)
The challenge will end at midnight on Sunday as always, and we hope to see you all on Strava.
Strava love,

🍻🍻🍻 Real Ale 🍻🍻🍻

Posted 8mth 4d ago by James Hickmott
Hujambo all,
Week 6 is almost here, which means... its time for real ale. So get your drinks ready for what is always a great night🍻🍺, albeit not entirely the same. Don't worry if you haven't bought your drinks yet, there's still plenty of time, many places offer delivery in just a couple of days, and feel free to order some non-alcoholic drinks, there will be no pressure, as long as you have something interesting to drink.😆😆
Looking forward to it, and hope to see you all there,
Social love,
James, Dan and all the exec
Links to just some of the breweries who attended last year:

Dinnertime Destress!

Posted 8mth 5d ago by Laura
Hello there Ladles and Jellyspoons,
It's almost time for Dinnertime Destress! 🧘‍♀️ This week we're going to be 'aww'-ing at some cute animals 🐱🐶 so be sure to come along Monday at 7pm 😊
If anyone has some cute pets they want to show off now's your chance!🐈 You can bring along any pics you have, or feel free to send them to me and I'll share 😁
Bonus points if you (virtually) bring your pet along! 🐭🐇
You can join us on teams with this link:
See you all on Monday!
Laura and the exec xx

Bake Off send off

Posted 8mth 5d ago by Tara

Afternoon y’all,


We've raised £100 from our bake off for our amazing charity valley house!!!!!


Its results time and drum rollllllll please………


1st: With a whopping 30 points is Adi’s adorable beaver cake that deserves its own window display!


2nd: With 19 points is Grady (and friends) whose cake looks as delicious as it does impressive!


3rd: With 17 points is Rowan whose puntastic White water and walnut cake which knocked our socks off.


Thank you to all those who took part. Everything looked super tasty, it's just a shame we were not able to share it. 


Keep your eyes peeled for the next charity event as more details will be released soon!


Look forward to seeing you at dinnertime destress on Monday.


Bake-Off Love

Tara & Canolo exec

****Club Info/Meet the Exec event****

Posted 8mth 6d ago by Claudia Perry



We know this year hasn’t turned out exactly how any of us expected, so we have decided to hold our first-ever extra-special Club Info/Meet the Exec event, on Thursday 4th March at 6pm at the teams link here. Our usual virtual social will follow immediately after.


This will be a great opportunity for you to hear about the events and activities the clubs hold in a more ‘normal’ year, and our exec members will be there to answer all of your questions.


We will be covering the key events we usually hold, highlighting the fun club activities we have been able to run even during this abnormal year, and, for those of you who are thinking of running for exec next year, the exec will be giving an overview of their roles.


I’d really encourage everyone to pop along for this informal event - to learn more about our clubs and to share your feedback on how your past year(s) at the club have been.


And with regards to running for exec: being a member of the Canoe Polo exec has been one of the most rewarding parts of my university experience. I can’t recommend running for a role enough. 

This year, the SU is looking to introduce a ‘Non-participation membership’ (for free!!). This will allow you to run for an exec position for next year even if you haven’t bought a full club membership. So please don’t be put off running for a position just because you don’t have a membership/haven’t attended many events this year. (If any pool sessions restart this academic year, you will need a full club membership to participate).

If you have any queries/questions about exec or any other aspect of the club then feel free to drop any of us a message.


Looking forward to seeing you all there,


Claudia and the rest of the execs xxxx

><> ><> Week 5 social <>< <><

Posted 8mth 8d ago by James Hickmott
Merhaba all,
I hope you're all excited for tonight's social! Since none of our cars are exactly going anywhere at the moment, we figured we could just get some racing action in on Mario Kart tour instead 😆😆at 7.
Don't forget to download and set up before the social, trust me this can take some time.📲
Social love,
James, Dan and all the exec
Link to Teams:

Great Canolo Bake-Off - Reminder

Posted 8mth 8d ago by Claudia Perry

🧁🧁Great Canolo Bake-Off - Reminder🧁🧁


This is your reminder that the deadline for entering our charity bake off is this Friday at 12 midday - this year we are raising money for Valley House.

You can enter by posting a photo of your canoe/water themed baked goods🎂🍰 on Chris’ original post here and donating a minimum of £3 to our Just Giving page linked here.


Anyone can enter as many entries as you like, and feel free to get flatmates/friends/family involved, but at least £3 must be donated for each individual entry.


Once all the entries have been collected, Chris will do another post on Friday afternoon (so keep your eyes peeled), with each of the entries as individual comments. This is where the voting will take place, via comment reactions. We will have 24 hours to vote - so don’t leave it too late, and look out for the winners announcement over the weekend!!🏅🏆 There may even be a sweet treat in store for the best bakes🍬🍫😍


Thanks to everyone who has taken part so far - there have been some showstoppping efforts already!🤩🤩


Happy baking, all in the name of charity,


Claudia and the execs xxxxx

🍻🍻🍻 Real Ale advanced post 🍻🍻🍻

Posted 8mth 9d ago by James Hickmott
This is your 1 and a half week hype reminder that our long-awaited Real-Ale social is almost upon us! This means its time to start ordering yourselves some drinks from some fantastic local breweries (or anywhere which suits you), and preparing yourself for a great night in!
Every year, well almost every year..., a collection of local breweries come to campus with a wide selection of their best drinks for students to try, last year, there were over 120 different drinks on offer, some of my personal favourites included Triple chocoholic🍫 stout, Cappucino☕️ stout and a sherbert lemon🍋 beer. Don't worry if those options disgust you, there are always plenty more "normal" choices on offer.
This year, we will be holding the event on Teams but we'll be expecting everyone to have something to drink, and there's no pressure for it to be alcoholic, many places offer alcohol-free alternatives to their most popular drinks🥤🥤.
Social love,
James, Dan and all the exec
P.S. If anyone has any good photos from previous years, please feel free to add them as comments below!
Links for just some of the breweries who attended last year:
Link to last year's event if you'd like some more information:

Strava: Week 2 Update

Posted 8mth 10d ago by Adriana Cormack

Happy Monday everyone!


Here’s your update for week 2 of the strava challenge


Congratulations again to everyone who took part this week! I believe that we manage to go to a university in one of the flattest areas of the UK and so any elevation is reaching new heights!


In total, we managed to climb 1405m which is 5X the height of the 7th tallest waterfall in the world (Cascade de Gavarnie in France for any waterfall enthusiasts).


For week 3 it's all about strava art so get creative and post screenshots of your magnificent adventures below.


The levels for this week will work slightly differently as everyone will get three votes in deciding the best strava art. You will be allowed three reacts for voting as follows: 

A HEART react to a photo = 3 points

A WOW react to a photo = 2 points

A LIKE react to a photo = 1 point


🧡Usk: 6 points

🧡Leven: 10 points

🧡Etive: 15 points


Feel free to share any other photos of your adventures in the comments below too!!📸



As always, the goals will be reset on Sunday at midnight, and if you are yet to join, then the link to the strava group is here. 


Strava love,