Scotland Hypemas Day 4

Posted 9mth 28d ago by Dan Collier

Hi paddlers,

The next reason for coming on the trip is another off-the-water reason. 

We will be staying in two different bunkhouses across the 10 days. The best bit is that they actually have beds! We will first go to Glenbeg Bunkhouse and then stay at our favourite Great Glen Hostel. 

This year we will also be driving in cars, which means you may get to influence the music your driver plays!

Here's another video for you:


Scotland Hypemas Day 3

Posted 9mth 28d ago by Dan Collier

Howdy paddlers,

The second reason for coming to Scotland is the chance to get your very own Scotland 2022 t-shirt! These have been created just for you based on the super-secret theme.

There is also the chance to be creative each day as one or more lucky people will get the chance to strawbridge a fellow member. If you are not sure what strawbridges are, have a look below for some inspiration!

Here is your next tasteful video of previous Scotland trips: 


Scotland Hypemas Day 2

Posted 9mth 28d ago by Dan Collier

Evening paddlers,

The second reason to come to Scotland is the social night. Whilst each night is Social, one night, in particular, will be a designated social night.

Did someone say social night!! Just what you will want after another day of paddling. 

It is a (semi-)memorable night, with new club stories being created. Social night takes place one night in the second bunkhouse where the club's own-brand eliminator will take you to a whole new dimension. Costumes are mandatory (given the high level of pop costumes over the past year, expectations are high). The tour theme shall be revealed after sign-ups. 

Here is a link to the next Scotland video: 


Scotland Hypemas Day 1

Posted 9mth 28d ago by Dan Collier

Hypemas Alert!!

Merry Hypemas, may the festivities begin! 

The best reason for coming on this trip are the rivers, where you will get the chance to paddle for 8 days! These rivers will give you a chance to improve your paddling skills while having a great time. 

Last time the club paddled the Findhorn, Spean, Garry, and Etive, and will be looking at paddling these again as well as some new sections!

Here is your first video link to last years trip:


Scotland 2022

Posted 9mth 28d ago by Dan Collier

Sup paddlers,

You may or may not have heard some of our members talk about a place called Scotland. After a long-awaited 2 years, we will be making our way back up north to some of the country’s most exciting rivers. Over the next week, we will be going through the 6 days of hypemas, giving you many reasons to come on the trip! 

To get your taste buds going each day will include a video from the previous times the club went to Scotland!

The trip will cost £285, which covers travel, accommodation, kit, and a themed t-shirt. You may be asking what the theme is…well it’s up to you to figure that one out.

Sign-ups will take place at 7.55 pm on Monday 14th February. There will be a group of us at the Duck beforehand, so feel free to come along and take part in the chaos that will be sign-ups.



Posted 10mth 1d ago by Adriana Cormack

Hey everyone!

If you dabble in a game of Dobble or want to test your Spanish in a game of Uno then this social is perfect for you!

We are marking half way through the term (not to alarm anyone) with a nice and chilled evening playing some board games.

It will be held on Thursday evening in OC1.02 starting at 18:30 (but feel free to join in later if you have a seminar or lecture)! There will also be the option to order pizza so you can have a slice whilst rolling the dice!

If you can come, click going on the event here: 

Feel free to bring along any board/card games that you own too!

Social love,

Adi and Beth

New reporting form

Posted 10mth 4d ago by James Hickmott
Ciao all,
Just wanted to let you know about our new form. This can be used to let us know about any inappropriate/upsetting behaviour you've witnessed, seek help with any well-being worries, or just to suggest general improvements for the club, whatever it is, we're happy to help. This can either be anonymous, or you have the choice to put your name if you would like us to speak to you directly. The form will be seen by Lucy, our women's officer, who can then send it to anyone who you wish.
We also just wanted to advertise that many of our members have active bystander training, and have completed the report and support scheme training.
See you all at sessions,
Link to form:
Canolo love,
James, and all the exec

~~Week 4 - Trampoline Park Social ~~

Posted 10mth 7d ago by Beth Hudson

Hi all!!

Thank you to everyone who came to Wednesday's circle, we hope you all had a good time!! Hope to see more faces at Week 9.... I promise it'll be one to remember🕺💃👀

For now, we'll JUMP straight into next week's social. Join in as we BOUNCE through Leamington to go to Jump In Trampoline Park!

Click 'going' on the event and follow the screenshot instructions for how to book your tickets. Tickets are £7.50 just be sure to book quickly before spaces are all filled!!



Some of us will be grabbing dinner at Urban Fox so join in for that too afterwards!!

Social love
Beth and Adi xxx

><> ><> !!Cardiff Canoe Polo tournament!! <>< <><

Posted 10mth 8d ago by James Hickmott
Ciao all,
A very exciting post today, signups are now live for the Cardiff polo tournament. This trip will take place over the weekend of the 11th-13th of March and everything will be included in the price.
We are planning on entering 3 teams, so there will be plenty of space, so everyone is welcome, tickets will cost around £40, but this may change slightly depending on the number of signups.
If you have any questions, please feel free to message me or anyone on exec.
Signup link:
Polo love,
James, and all the exec

Term 2 Week 3: Circling and Pop!

Posted 10mth 18d ago by Adriana Cormack

Week 3-Circling and Pop 🤩

Happy Monday everyone!!

Next week we will be heading to the copper rooms to go circling and dance the night away to some classic cheesy hits whilst all sporting some brilliant outfits!! 
To attend you will need a Week 3 circling ticket which can be found here: or message me or Beth as we have some spares too!
The theme for this week is: PUNS!

I will attach links to some articles to give you an idea of what you might come as! But some ideas may include getting out your old Halloween costume to come as ‘copy cat’ or unveiling your monochrome wardrobe for ‘fifty shades of grey’ it’s up to you! Just be creative- there will be punishments for matching costumes. 

Click going on the event here: to attend!

*please note that this event may be subject to change due to either government or our own guidance! If we deem that the risk of Covid is too high for club members, we may decide to change this event last minute! There is also no obligation to stay for Pop! Everyone is more than welcome to come to circling and leave before Pop begins

Social love,
Adi and Beth