><> ><> 😂😂Week 9 Garticphone social😂😂 <>< <><

Posted 10mth 10d ago by James Hickmott
A gutn mitag all,
This week we shall be playing some more Garticphone again. For those of you who haven't played before, a good description of it would be "a cross between skribbl🎨 and Chinese whispers🤫". It should provide some good entertainment for all. It will be hosted on the club Teams channel and at 7:00 on Thursday as always.
See you all there,
Social love,
James, Dan, and all the exec

Charity Event

Posted 10mth 12d ago by Tara
Buonasera canoisti
Have you always wanted to make someone drink two pints of red milk or do you ever wondered what Chris would look like with frosted tips then I have the charity event for you. Warwick Canoe and Canoe polo are running the BEST charity event around and raising money for Valley House.
How the charity event works: You buy mini challenges and pick an exec member to do them, this money is then added to the cumulative totals which as it reaches certain targets different exec members will do chosen activities.
Donate via just giving and message an exec or comment on the just giving page to say what you are buying and for who.
The poster containing the pricing details is attached.
The chosen exec member will provide picture or video evidence to whoever buys the task.
The end date for donations is Saturday the 13th of March.
*Please note that the just giving page already has £100 from previous events and this is not counted as part of the cumulative total for this event.
Canoe-lo love
Tara and the exec
Charity Document

><> ><> Meet the exec social <>< <><

Posted 10mth 13d ago by James Hickmott
Buenas tardes all,
After our meet the exec at 6:00 later tonight, we will be running straight into our charity escape room social, Trapped🤭🤭 at 7:00. If you aren't coming to the meet the exec, still feel free to come along to the social to give your mind something to think about that isn't work⌨️⌨️!
Looking forward to seeing you all there,
Social love,
James, Dan, and all the exec
Link to Teams:
Link to donation page:
We suggest a minimum donation of £2[0]=AT33j6fmTsAXBSZeimbQQxvyYhoEP9en7DgRZHJH8WSXbBrmp1sI2-mV3N__Qvl5b2to57KJYnwte9UfahLApXGYP8O7mCWAhhgoX5LMH7FcUHs529HfQi5nSv6EV9Gm-S1f8mNpa6y3uGXla7x3N0xNo-gaUt69COcLroWZH5bcHfQlKFndnRvGeOMexl3E09WPX05hyu17yIW_ZA


Posted 10mth 13d ago by Claudia Perry
Morning all paddling people!!!
Join us this evening from 6pm for our club info/meet the exec extravaganza, at the teams link here: 
We will be talking all things club related – canoe 🛶AND polo🏀 – so if you’ve got a burning question about an exec role 🙋‍♀️ or just want a sneak peek to what next week’s social might be 👀, then this is the place to be!! (Or just pop along for a chat – the vibe is super casual!!💜)
We’ll be running straight through into our weekly social – this week a Macmillan escape room! Feel free to bring along any beverages (hot☕️, cold🥤, or something stronger🍻) or snacks 🍿 and settle in and get comfy🤗 - looking forward to seeing you all later!
Love n (socially distant) hugs,
Claudia and the rest of both execs xxx


><> ><> Meet the exec social <>< <><

Posted 10mth 20d ago by James Hickmott

God kveld all,

This week is our exciting meet the exec event🙋, and after that, we'll be doing the Macmillan charity escape room social... Trapped😭😭. So get your thinking caps on to try and claim your freedom🥳!

The meet the exec will be at 6:00 this Thursday and the social will run straight after at 7:00.

Looking forward to seeing you all there,

Social love,

James, Dan, and all the exec

Link to donation page:

>>>> Strava week 4 <<<< 

Posted 10mth 26d ago by Laura

Bonjour all,


Last week's challenge was to do exercise for more than 30 mins on different days. This week's winner was Tara clocking up 6 days! She was the only person to hit the level Etive this week 

Then Claudia, James & Grady all hit level Leven.

Finally Adi, Liam, Joe C and Joe P all hit level Usk


Nice work everybody :)


For Week 5 the challenge is for the most Strava awards. Don't worry you won't have to smash your PB every run, but consistency will be the key. Or find new areas to run/walk in and rack them up quickly and easily.


Usk - 3 awards

Leven - 6 awards

Etive - 10 awards


The challenge ends midnight Sunday as always.


Strava Love,

Laura and the execs xx

Week 7 Social - Among Us Round 2

Posted 10mth 27d ago by Dan Collier
Afternoon all,
This weeks social sees the return of Among Us 🥳
So come along and join us on Teams from 7pm on Thursday and see who is the best crewmate and who is the best imposter.
Social love,
Dan, James and all the exec

><> ><>Strava: Week 3 update <>< <><

Posted 11mth 2d ago by James Hickmott
Morning all,
Last week's challenge was slightly different, Strava art!
people posted photos of their runs and whoever managed to get the best combinations of reactions will be the winner, and I am happy to announce that this week's winner👑 is Claudia, with a total of 12 points.
Both Claudia and Joe managed to achieve Leven level this week with Ivan close behind at Usk level.
Week 4's challenge will be more of a long game. The winner shall be whoever manages to get outside and do at least 30 mins of exercise for the most days this week, obviously with the highest score you can manage this week at 7.
The different stages will be:
😀Usk - 2 days
😁Leven - 4 days
😆Etive - 6 days (7 if you're feeling up to it)
The challenge will end at midnight on Sunday as always, and we hope to see you all on Strava.
Strava love,

🍻🍻🍻 Real Ale 🍻🍻🍻

Posted 11mth 3d ago by James Hickmott
Hujambo all,
Week 6 is almost here, which means... its time for real ale. So get your drinks ready for what is always a great night🍻🍺, albeit not entirely the same. Don't worry if you haven't bought your drinks yet, there's still plenty of time, many places offer delivery in just a couple of days, and feel free to order some non-alcoholic drinks, there will be no pressure, as long as you have something interesting to drink.😆😆
Looking forward to it, and hope to see you all there,
Social love,
James, Dan and all the exec
Links to just some of the breweries who attended last year: