><> Canoe Polo Nottingham Summer Tournament Sign Ups <><

Posted 11mth 23d ago by Dan Collier
Hi everyone,
We are excited to announce that we will be attending the Nottingham Canoe Polo Summer Tournament. This trip will be from Friday 9th June and we will get back in the evening on Sunday 11th June (week 7).
If you would like to come please sign up on the canoe website by Monday 22nd May! We will be looking to enter an A team, B team and Ladies' team if there are enough people. The final cost of this trip will be confirmed closer to the time as this is dependent on the number of teams we enter.
Sign-ups link:
If you have any questions please ask any of the polo exec.
Polo love,
Dan and all the exec


Posted 1y 1mth ago by Sam Pfeffer-Matthews

This year's Canoe and Canoe Polo elections will take place Week 2 of Term 3, Thursday 4th May. If you would like to run for a position, please email the current president for the club you wish to run for (if it’s a joint position, please email both);



Canoe elections run a little differently to other clubs, for each role we ask that you prepare a short speech (60s max) or sentence saying why you’re running for the role along with a canoe related parody song (or poem) and/or joke of your choice to perform on the night. (If you’re running for President you must also submit a short manifesto in advance)

The exec positions are:



Vice President




Tour Secretary

Kit Secretary






Tournament Secretary

Kit Secretary


Social Secretary x2

Media Officer

Charities, Development, and Outreach (CDO) Officer

If you have any questions about any of the roles/what they involve or just elections themselves feel free to get in contact with any of the current exec.

Canolo Love,

Sam, Adi and both execs xx



Posted 1y 1mth ago by Emma Hymas
Hey all,
For this weeks social we'll be getting our shirts and ties out and heading to Skool Dayz!
Circle will start at 7.30pm on campus (Location TBC). Don't be late!
Make sure you have a week 8 event Skool dayz ticket, they are still available here:
Please click going here if you're planning on joining us!
If you haven't seen already next week's pop theme is 'Best of Canoe'.
We want you come to as something that comes to mind when you think of the club. Maybes its a favorite moment or person or boat. Maybe you want to recreate a legendary brother moment or a well executed costume. The more creative the better.
Make sure you buy a Week 9 POP! Circling ticket if you haven't already!
Social Love,
Emma and John xxx

<><Cardiff Whitewater Centre (CIWW)<><

Posted 1y 1mth ago by Sam Pfeffer-Matthews
If you’re looking for some great whitewater practice before Scotland or just want a distraction from deadlines join us on our day trip to Cardiff Whitewater Centre Sunday of week 9, 12th of March!
Sign ups will go up this Thursday at 12pm.
As this will be run as a peer-paddle style trip, there is a requirement that you have been on at least one of our other whitewater trips.
There are two sessions run throughout the day, morning and afternoon. Members will be attending both sessions but it is not compulsory to do both. The morning session is designed to be a bit easier than the afternoon with less water being pumped down the course. I highly reccommend getting in as much practice as you can as the course is such an amazing place to learn!
It is £10 to book onto a session (Fuel cost will be calculated after the trip)
Canoe Love,
Sam xx

Polo Sessions this week

Posted 1y 1mth ago by Adriana Cormack
Hey everyone, happy week 7! Due to varsity amongst other things, our sessions this week are looking slightly different:
Tuesday- 20:30-22:00 (as normal)
Friday- 20:30-22:00 (ladies only with Birmingham and Bristol Uni attending)
Saturday- 17:30-19:00 (a shorter session due to Varsity)
Please note that this is also slightly different to the posted calendar as our B's tournament had to be moved due to Varsity- fear not, it will be happening in term 3 instead.
Also, with Cardiff approaching, it would be great to see as many people as possible at sessions.
As always, any questions feel free to message me or any of the exec.
Polo love,
Adi x

🍻Week 6 Social - REAL ALE FESTIVAL 🍻

Posted 1y 2mth ago by Emma Hymas
It's that's time of year again, the long awaited Real Ale Festival. Join on us on Thursday 16th Feb for a night of Beer, Cider, dancing and just the right amount of carnage.
We'll be meeting at the duck at 6pm ready to head down to the festival for about 6:30pm
For those of you that will be experiencing their first Real Ale, it is a CASH ONLY event. There is an entrance fee of £3.50 and a chance to exchange your cash for tokens which are used as payment at all of the bars around The Copper Rooms.
Speaking of bars, the walls will be littered with tables and kegs serving just about any combination of alcoholic beverage and flavour you can imagine. From Cider and Ale, to soft drinks and the infamous 'Turbo Purple' there really is something for everyone.
If that still isn't enough to tempt you, there will the finest live music, food and novelty pint glasses to bag on the night.
It's also a great opportunity to sample the variety of Lilley's ciders on offer, which will be particularly of interest to those planning on coming to Scotland or Surf
If you want to come along please click going here:
Social Love,
John & Emma xxx

🎉 WEEK 3 – POP! + CIRCLE 🎉

Posted 1y 2mth ago by Emma Hymas
Hello everyone,
It’s time again for the first POP! of the term. As always be ready and sat down with your purples this Wednesday for 7.30pm in the copper rooms.
The theme this week is Kids TV 📺!
As we’ll be circling in the copper rooms, you’ll be needing a week 3 circling ticket. They are still available here:
Social Love,
Emma and John xxx


Posted 1y 3mth ago by Adriana Cormack

TL;DR: 10th-12th March, Open to everyone to sign up, cost approx £55


Hey everyone! Happy Monday!

An exciting polo announcement: Cardiff University are back with their annual tournament on the 10th- 12th March (end of week 9).

This tournament is open to ALL abilities as we will be taking 3 teams with us, allowing all members to get as much playing experience as possible before BUCS (the big university championship).


The cost of the trip will be approximately £55 which, despite being slightly more expensive than other trips, includes accommodation (and beds) at Parkwood Outdoors Chalet which is a short drive from the polo pitches.


If you want to come along, please sign up here:


Any questions, please feel free to message me or any of the exec.


Polo love,


Adi x


Posted 1y 3mth ago by Emma Hymas

Hellooo Everyone,


It's time now for a night in contention for best social of the year, thats right..... PUB GOLF


We will have 9 holes in which to demonstrate your pub golf abilities:


1. Dirty Duck

2. Tee bar (get it?)

3. Rootes Grocery 

4. Leamington Drinks

5. The Clarendon

6. Murphys

7. Spoons

8. The Old Lib

9. Kelseys


At each hole you will face a beverage and par number, with your number of strokes being how many attempts needed to finish your drink


You can be as under or over par as you like, its just a bit of fun


We'll be kicking of the tour at The Dirty Duck at 7:30 Thursday 19th and proceed to make our way to Kelseys over the course of the evening


If you'd like to come along, please click going here:


Social Love, John & Emma xxx


Posted 1y 3mth ago by Emma Hymas
Hello Everybody,
A big welcome back with the best way to kick off a new year, Millennium Balti
The first social of the term will be Curry Night at Millennium Balti, Thursday 7:30pm
As per usual, it's BYOD.
If you want to come you MUST click going on the event here to have a seat booked:
As traditional, there will probably be Kelseys for dessert, so remember to bring some cash in advance
Social love,
John & Emma xx