><> ><> 🥘🥘🥘Curry social 🥘🥘🥘<>< <><

Posted 5mth 22d ago by James Hickmott

Pe'el all,


Welcome back everyone, and I hope you're all doing well. We're looking to start the term off with a classic online curry🥘 social. Feel free to make/buy any curry you like, or just any meal if you prefer😂.

We look forward to seeing you on Thursday at our normal time, 7:00 for a good chance to catch up!

Social love,

James, Dan, and all the exec

Dinnertime Destress is BACK!!!

Posted 5mth 23d ago by Claudia Perry

With term 3 on the horizon🌅 (sorry for the reminder😢), there’s no time more appropriate for a bit of sociable chill time to take your mind off things!!


This week we’ll be throwing it back to the first lockdown with the return of YOGA🧘‍♀️🧘‍♂️🧘‍♀️!!!

We’ve got a short (approx 10-15 min) video for us to follow with a focus on self care/brain power/getting in the zoneeee, and of course we’ll follow up with a nice chit chat catch up☺️.


Looking forward to seeing you there at 7pm tomorrow (Monday) at the teams link here: 


Best of luck to everyone with the upcoming term - there’s light🌟 at the end of the tunnel!!


Chilled out love ✌️,


Claudia 💜

><> ><> Outdoor Canoe Session Week 1 <>< <><

Posted 5mth 24d ago by Dan Collier
Good Afternoon all,
🎉I bring you exciting news 🎉
We will be running our first outdoor canoe session at the Leamington Boat Centre, next Sunday afternoon.
This is open to everyone and if you would like to come please sign up using the link at the bottom of this post.
This will be a great opportunity to take some time away from those pesky exams/dissertations/assignments and relax.
Canoe love,
Dan and all the exec.

Scotland ‘trip’ Launch - The Deets

Posted 6mth 27d ago by Claudia Perry
*****Scotland ‘trip’ Launch - The Deets*****
The groups are decided and the challenges have been set!!
Our three groups, Team Tulip, Lily Legion, and Bluebell Band will try to complete as many of the following ten challenges as possible, from Monday 22nd-Friday 26th inclusive! If a team doesn’t do at least 7 each member will face a (pie/milk/marshmallow related) forfeit 😉
Team Tulip:🌷
Lily Legion:🌺
Bluebell Band:💙🔔
All the challenges are Scotland-related because its just that time of year 🌊🛶
  • As a group, run/walk/paddle the length of the Gary (35km) in one day
  • At least 2 members of the group travel half the Etive (9k) in one run/walk/paddle
  • One member of the group records 3 run/walks of Spean Gorge in the week (5k)
  • Run 3 etive sections in the week (2.5km each)
  • Stop and do 6 star jumps, 6 sit ups every kilometre for a whole run/walk that’s at least 3km (because right-angle is a 6m drop!)
  • One member cycles half the Findhorn (50k)
  • Spend 8 hours exercising between group in total (the journey time to Scotland!)
  • Climb Cairn Gorm worth of elevation (1245m) in a week as a group
  • 4 members of a group do the same activity simultaneously (it’s good to paddle as a group)
  • Every member does at least 2 activities throughout the week
The team that completes the most challenges will be crowned champions🥇 and will win absolutely nothing because it’s all for charity (kidding, there actually will be some PRIZES 🎁 on offer for the winning team, just in case you’re motivated by something other than helping people 😉)
In the case of a tie, the winners will be decided by the group that records the most time on strava.
On that note, all activities must be tracked on strava (or if you’re climbing stairs for elevation, messaged to Joe).
💜And most importantly of all, this event is once again in aid of our chosen charity Valley House who are doing amazing work helping people struggling with issues such as homelessness, depression, and unemployment to look forward to a brighter future:
All donations should be made via our ongoing Just Giving page:💜
Please spread the link with friends/family/everyone you know (don’t forget when we reach £500 Chris’ hair will be going PINK!!👀💞)
From some someone that’s excited about their first Scotland trip😉

Elections + How to run for a position!

Posted 6mth 29d ago by Owen Kelly
It’s time for the old exec to bid adieu and for us to elect a new exec to take the club next year, (which will hopefully actually involve getting in a boat). We will be running elections on 6th May during our normal social time (7PM).
If you would like to run for a position, please email the current president for the club you wish to run for (if it’s a joint position, please email both).
The emails are:
We also ask that you prepare a short canoe related parody song and a joke of your choice to perform on the night. If you’re running for President you must also submit a short manifesto detailing all the amazing things you will do for the club.
The exec positions are:
Vice President
Tour Secretary
Kit Secretary
Tournament Secretary
Kit Secretary
Social Secretary x2
Media Officer
Charities, Development, and Outreach (CDO) Officer
If you have any questions about any of the roles/what they involve/what to run for/how to run/elections themselves/anything else feel free to get in contact with any of the current exec.
We’ll have some more details about the elections themselves closer to the night so stay tuned……
Canolo Love,
Owen, Claudia and all the joint exec

Fri-YAY Reminders!

Posted 6mth 29d ago by Claudia Perry
It’s Friday🤩, it’s week ***10***🥳, we made it peeps - the end of a very long term for many of us!!!🎉🎊
As if you needed any more reason for hype today there are 2 very exciting things happening this evening!!!😱😆
💛’Scotland’ signups close tonight at midnight for our team-orientated charity event!!💛
The challenge is open to everyone - members new and old (you don’t even need to have come to a pool session this year) so it would be great for as many of us as possible to get involved!
Once signups close, we’ll organise y’all into ‘river groups’ for the duration of the event (next week Monday 22nd - Friday 26th March), and we’ll be releasing a list of activities-based challenges over the weekend for you and your group to complete as a team.
Challenges will be aimed at a range of abilities/time commitments and overall the event should be a lot of fun - all in aid of our chosen charity Valley House, and there will be prizes for the winning group!!
(Any questions/queries whatsoever feel free to shoot me a message)
💜Secondly, Polo’s wonderful tournament secretary
will be representing our clubs tonight in Warwick Latin and Ballroom’s annual “Warwick does Strictly” charity event.💜
The link to stream the event from 7pm is here:
And to donate and place your vote for Tara (it’s number 4!!!) head to the just giving page:
This is super exciting so be sure to tune in and show Tara some Canolo support!!!
Well done everyone on pushing through this term!! I’m sure this won’t be the last you hear from me over the next few weeks, but have a lovely Easter break🐣🍫!
Take a break, don’t work too hard, and be kind to yourselves 💗
All the Friday-feeling love and hugs,
Claudia xxxxxx

><> ><> Final Social of the Term <>< <><

Posted 7mth 0d ago by Dan Collier

Tonight is the final social of the term, and in memory of last years Scotland Trip 😢 we will be playing "Would I lie to you?" 🧐. If you wish to participate then please message James or myself a truth and then come along tonight at 7pm on Teams to find out if other members of the club would lie to you just to win the game.

Link to Teams meeting:

Social love,

Dan, James and all the exec

Scotland Charity Challenge

Posted 7mth 2d ago by Adriana Cormack

Scotland Charity Challenge


On the 15th of March 2020, members of Warwick Canoe had a nice drive to Scotland for our annual trip to paddle rivers such as the Findhorn, Garry and Spean to name a few. Little did they know that a few days later the entire world would start locking down and now, for the first time in forever, the Scotland trip can’t go ahead this year 😢


But fear not, we have something (arguably better) than swimming in a freezing cold river :/ and that is our 🎉 SCOTLAND CHARITY CHALLENGE🎉


You have seen the exec make fools out of themselves for charity and now it is your turn to join in (minus the marshmallows, milk and mayhem that ensued).


This challenge will take place between Monday 22nd - Friday 26th March and will include a variety of walking, running, cycling and paddling activities that you and your allocated ‘river group’ will have to complete (some have said that the best group may even win prizes!!!)


Signs up are live now: so sign up to come and join in in the 2021 Scotland trip without actually having to travel to Scotland.

It is also all in the name of charity so here is the link ( for you to donate/ get sponsored, again, all raising money for our chosen charity of the year: Valley House, a charity dedicated to helping vulnerable individuals including victims of domestic abuse and those homeless.


Canolo Love,


Adi and the rest of both execs x


Posted 7mth 3d ago by Adriana Cormack


It's the last week of term 2 woooooo 🎉🎉


Charity Challenge Update


A massive THANK YOU to everyone who donated to our ‘Do we dare?’ exec charity challenge. In total we managed to raise over £340! This has lead to:

  • 32 pints of milk being drunk
  • 5 squirty cream paper plates to the face
  • A whole lot of chubby bunny’s
  • Tescos running out of brussel sprouts (thanks to Laura)
  • Rowan’s dog getting the recognition he deserves
  • And the exec just generally doing something a bit wild for charity


Owen donated the most and therefore will be receiving a home-made cake of choice from Sam.

And as ‘The Peterson Household’ donated the second greatest amount, they will have free reign over Joe’s meals for the weekend.


I hope you all enjoyed watching us laugh/suffer as much as we have!


Dinnertime Destress

Now, if you want to see a summary of all the best challenges from this weeks charity projects, then this destress is the one for you! Tonight at 7pm we will be celebrating :/ a year since the first lockdown/social distancing was announced by looking at some of the highlights/ funny moments that have occurred across the globe this year! This will also include Chris dying his hair live for your entertainment. 

Here is the link! So feel free to come and join in, whether it’s to watch Chris's incredible hair transformation or just have a final destress before the end of term!



Polo love,


Adi xxx


><> ><> Week 10 Social <>< <><

Posted 7mth 4d ago by Dan Collier
Afternoon all,
This weeks social is "Will I lie to you?" 🧐
For this to work please message James or me a fact that most people may not know.
Like normal the social will be on Teams at 7pm on Thursday.
Social love,
Dan, James and all the exec