🎄 Christmas Meal 🎄

Start Thu 8th December 2022
End Thu 8th December 2022
Open From Wed 2nd November 2022, 11:00:00
Cost £10

Hello Everyone, With a regrettable use of the word Christmas only 2 days into November comes the big announcement of our annual Christmas meal taking place THURSDAY 8TH DECEMBER. We’re hoping on heading to ‘The White Horse’ in Leamington, for what looks to be a spectacular Christmas Meal To attend this meal, a deposit of £10 is required (redeemable at the bar on the night), so head over to the trip page here, and pay £10 to the social account before the trip closes on 7/11/22. Note by signing up, you will still be required to pay the deposit if you cannot attend unless you can find a replacement Again, signups close at MIDNIGHT on the 7TH NOVEMBER 2022 Social Love, John & Emma xxx