Cardiff Whitewater CIWW

Start Sun 12th March 2023
End Sun 12th March 2023
Open From Thu 2nd March 2023, 12:00:00
Closes At Thu 9th March 2023
Cost 10+10+Fuel

As this will be run as a peer-paddle style trip, there is a requirement that you have been on at least one of our other whitewater trips. There are two sessions run throughout the day, morning and afternoon. Members will be attending both sessions but it is not compulsory to do both. The morning session is designed to be a bit easier than the afternoon with less water being pumped down the course. I highly reccommend getting in as much practice as you can as the course is such an amazing place to learn! It is £10 to book onto a session (Fuel cost will be calculated after the trip)