Term 1 Socials Update

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Posted by: Lara
Time for another Socials Update!
This week is the Polo Captains' Social! The Ladies and the Mens will host their own socials away from one another ;) I know it says polo in the title, but everyone is welcome to show up! I'm not sure what the men are doing but I'm sure Josh will let you all know soon. Ladies, we've probably already chatted about our plans (if not come talk to me) and we'll give you more details some time soon.
Next week is Skooldayz on the Saturday. Polo is still on! We'll be predrinking afterwards on campus, (kitchen TBC). Sadly I'm away that weekend, so it'll only be Tom there of the two of us.
Week 9 we are circling again! Tickets are still available, but if you miss out, there are some spares floating about :) The theme will be PAIRS! So find your partner and get creative!
And for our final social of the year, we will be having our Christmas meal at The Clarendon in Leamington on Thursday Week 10. I'll give you more details closer to the time, but hint - you'll need formal wear!
Social Sec Love ├░┼©ÔÇÖ┼í
Lara and Tom

Week 6 Social - Treasure Hunt and Fireworks!

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Posted by: Lara
Sup Paddlers!
Get your deerstalkers ready (though beanies will do) because this week's social is a Treasure Hunt and Fireworks!
Meet at 19:00 in the Duck for your first clue!
Once it's done we'll all be heading to Will's house in Canley (39 Chav, but search Puffer's Holiday in Google Maps or it'll send you to the wrong place) to set fire to some pretty explosives (and hopefully nothing else).
Fireworks will cost £10pp so signup on the website before Wednesday night, and get the money to either myself or Tom.
Social Sec Love ├░┼©ÔÇÖ┼í


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Posted by: Liam

Hey all!

Feeling fast? Saturday end of week 7 (Nov 18th) we will be sending a team of 12 to compete at BUCS Wild Water Racing on the river Washburn.
This trip will be a heavily subsidised £10 and is a great chance to get a day’s paddling and represent the club against other unis. We will also be leaving and returning on Saturday so you can keep your Sunday free.

If you like the sound of this, sign-ups will go live tomorrow (Tuesday) at midday Send a message to Liam if you have any problems getting signed up.
Be aware, because this is BUCS you will need to be a current student.

Hope to see you all at Leam Boat Centre (19:30) for kit and cocktails on Thursday!

-Liam and the rest of the canoe exec

Week 5 Social

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Posted by: Tom

Sup paddler!

This weeks social on Thursday is the traditional "Kit and Cocktails". We will be heading to the Leamington Boat Centre for 19:30, a great place to pick up pieces of kit or add to your Christmas wish list. Following this we will be heading to 2 Gem Place for Cocktails from 20:00 onwards.

The Cost will be £5 for cocktails or £2 for mocktails and it will be an open bar with what we have Please sign up on the website and pay either Lara or me before Thursday.

Sign ups for this event:


Lara will be getting the bus from campus with fresher's to the boat centre. Meeting at the campus bus stop at 19:00.

Hope to see you all there!
Tom and Lara

P.S. A reminder for the rest of the socials this term:
Week 5- Kit and Cocktails (thursday)
Week 6- Fireworks (thursday)
Week 7- Polo Captains Social (thursday)
Week 8- Skooldayz (saturday-get your even ticket now!)
Week 9- POP (wednesday- get your "circling and event" ticket now!)
Week 10- Christmas Meal (thursday)

Rules Talk and Refs Course

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Posted by: Josh

Thanks to those who came along to the rules talk yesterday! If you didn't come along, and need help understanding rules, please come and talk to one of the exec ├░┼©╦£┼á

** ├░┼©┬ÅÔǪ├░┼©┬ÑÔÇí├░┼©┬Ñ╦å├░┼©┬ÑÔÇ░ REFS TALK ├░┼©ÔÇ║┬Â├░┼©ÔÇ║┬Â├░┼©ÔÇ║┬Â├░┼©┬ÑÔǪ├░┼©ÔÇÿ┼Æ **

Do you like being in control?
Want a shiny new whistle and some coloured pieces of plastic?
Want to learn rules from some of the UK's top refs?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then a refs course is for you! Next Saturday, 4th November, we will be hosting one just for you (and Cherwell Canoe Club) on campus!

This is a great opportunity to get an understanding of the rules past the basics and also gain a qualification for your troubles. At the end of the day you can sit a paper hopefully making you a qualified referee  (of sorts).

The course will run from 9.30 til 4.30 in A0.23 (social sciences) and will cost £12.50, or £20.00 with a shiny set of whistles and 1cards, and your very own rulebook!

If you want to come along, please sign up here:


Tyne Tour!

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Posted by: Ivan

If you missed out on Freshers’ Trip last weekend, fear not! Tyne Tour is almost upon us!

From 3rd-5th of November we will be heading up North for a weekend of paddling, camping, fireworks, Ceilidhing and socialising. Tyne Tour is one of our best trips of the year and involves kayaking clubs from all over the country congregating to paddle and partaaaaaay!

Signups will go live on the trips page of the website ( at midday this Thursday (26th October). This is one of our most popular trips of the year so get in there quickly. The trip is suitable for anyone that has been to at least one pool session (although more is recommended).

The trip will cost £38 for the weekend and that includes all the kit, transport and the ticket price for the event so it really is a bargain!

If you don't yet have an account on the website you'll need to make one before you sign up for the trip.

See you at Liam’s for Halloween on Thursday!


Paddling Love,

Elsa and The Canoe Exec <3 <3 <3

Sessions update

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Posted by: Ben Ayre

***Long post incoming***

For people who can’t (be bothered to) read:
Ball throwing Wednesdays 8-9am in Westwood games hall followed by an Xananas breakfast.
Team Training, Wednesday afternoons followed by a trip to the pub.
Friday sessions will now be invite only.

Want to work on your ball handling? Want to be a catch on the pitch? Come to Westwood Games Hall 8-9 on Wednesday mornings to learn how to throw and catch properly (the main reason to come is cheap breakfast in Xananas afterwards. All you need is Standard Membership which you should all already have.

Leam training is a great opportunity to spend more time on the water improving your fitness and ball skills. We’ll work on paddling technique, tactics and getting used to outdoors playing ready for BUCS. Then we’ll undo all our hard work by going to the pub for dinner… The only cost for this is possibly a return bus ticket (£3.90) but there should be some lifts in cars.

Friday sessions (yes freshers we’ve just kept these hidden until now) will be invite only to develop our As and ladies team. If you turn up without an invite you will NOT be allowed on the water. If you’re not being invited and feel like you should be, please do come and talk to me or Josh Charlwood and we can tell you where you need to be improving.


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Posted by: Lara
The Week 3 Social is Pop!
We will be circling in the Copper Rooms this Wednesday. Be sat down with your Purple by 19:30!
If you need a ticket, please talk to a member of the exec and we'll see what we can do :)
The theme is Ancient History.
See you there!
Lara and Tom
PS - for those of you looking forward to this Wednesday's pool session, it's been cancelled

Nene & Freshers Trip

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Posted by: Hadyn

Sign ups are now open for our first trips of the term. 

These are Nene taking place on Wednesday 18th October from 12 - 5pm and will cost £12. 
Freshers Trip to North Wales which will be on the weekend of week 3 Friday 20th October 4pm to Sunday 22nd October 8pm. This will cost £40 for the weekend, you just need to bring yourself, cloths and food. 
You can sign up on the trip section of our website here: 
You need to have an account on our website to do this, instruction for setting one up can be found here:
Also a reminder you will need to have purchased canoe membership and attended at least one pool session before attending any trip. 
Tonight is our 3 legged bar craw down leamington parade. We will be meeting in the Duke in Leamington at 7:30pm or at the main campus bus stop at 7:00pm, just look out for people in canoe (polo) hoodies. 
Finally both Canoe and Canoe Polo have one final taster session both this Saturday 14th October 12:00 - 13:00 for Canoe and 19:00 - 20:30 for Canoe Polo. 

Week 2 Social!

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Posted by: Lara

Sup Paddlers! ├░┼©ÔÇ║┬Â

As some of you may know by now, this week's social is the Three-Legged Bar Crawl!

Meet us this Thursday at the Duke at 19:30, where you'll be paired up with someone else and duct-taped to them, so you can struggle to stay upright even more than a usual bar crawl!

For anyone on or around campus, Tom will be running a bus shuttle once again at 19:00. Look out for the Canoe hoodie if you're not sure.

It's a fantastic opportunity for members of the club, new and old, to get to know each other, and for people new to Leam to get to know our usual watering holes.

See you soon!

Lara and Tom

PS. Sneak Peek ├░┼©Ôäó┼á for next week - we're circling! Theme is Ancient History ├░┼©ÔÇÿ┬┤├░┼©┬Å┬╗