Nene & Surf Signups

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Posted by: Hadyn

Signups for both Nene and Surf Trip will go live at 5pm tonight on the website.



Will cost £12 for transport, fuel and course hire.

Meet at the Sport Centre at 9am on Tuesday 20th June to pack the van. The course is booked for 2 hours from 11am – 1pm. You will just need a day’s paddling kit and a packed lunch. We will return to campus around 3pm.


Surf Trip

Friday 23rd June to Sunday 25th/Monday 26th June. 

We will be offering multiple transport options leaving on both Friday morning and Friday evening and returning on the Sunday and the Monday. Please sign up for both an outbound and a return journey or we may leave you in Newgale.

The cost of camping has unfortunetly gone up to £6 pppn this year. The cost of transport will be dependent on what transport is needed and the distribution between morning and evening so we will confirm prices to you closer to the time.

We will be offering optional 2017 Surf Trip T-shirts again this year designed by our soon to be Old Gits. They will cost around £10.20 but again we will confirm prices once we know numbers.


This will also give us the first opportunity to test the website under heavy load since it was migrated to its new home so be ready at 5pm tonight.

If you have any problems speak to myself or another member of the Canoe Exec.



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Posted by: Ben Ayre
Rage rankings are in, teams have been made, rage will start next Tuesday (23rd)
This means if you want a fantasy team you need to get it to me before midnight Sunday (21st) this will cost £2 ( to be given to me before Rage starts ) with the money being split across the best three fantasy teams. The team can cost no more than £40 and include no more than 3 players from each team. Any questions on how this will work ask any exec or old people :p
Rank Name
9.89 Ben
9.64 Josh
9.20 Jamie
8.67 Rob (Jeff)
8.12 Charlie
7.67 Nathan
7.06 Ivan
6.86 Matt B
6.40 Luke
6.01 Emma
4.95 Tom M
4.93 Will
4.90 Mark
4.71 Seb
4.61 Harriet
4.61 Matt G
4.58 Elsa
3.88 Arun
3.54 Charlotte
3.43 Sev
2.76 Hannah
1.95 Alex
1.69 Lara
Team Boat Buddies
Rob (Jeff)
Team Canoeing Companions
Matt B
Matt G
Team Paddling Pals
Tom M

Key Dates for Term 3

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Posted by: Hadyn

I hope everyone’s exam prep and dissertations are going well, term 3 can be a stressful time so here is a reminder that all of our regular pool sessions are still running throughout term 3.


These are Monday 8:30-10:00pm, Wednesday 8:30-10:00pm and Thursday 3:30-4:30pm for Canoe with Tuesday 8:30-10:00pm and Saturday 6:30-8:30pm for Canoe Polo.


We have some exciting trips and socials coming up, to keep you motivated through your exams, for term 3 can be dark and full of terror.


Nene Trip - Tuesday 20th June (week 9)


The club will be going to the Nene Whitewater course for a day of kayaking. This is a good chance to practice catching eddies or moving water freestyle. Signups and more information including price will be released next week.  



Surf Trip - Friday 23rd June to Monday 26th June (Weekend week 9)


When all exams are done what’s better than sitting on a beach/campsite in the Welsh sun (it does exist) drinking alcohol, eating BBQ food and very occasionally contemplating the possibility of trying some sea/surf kayaking? We will be taking an extended weekend break to Newgale in Pembrokeshire for our annual surf trip. As usual surf trip t-shirts will be available designed by our graduating members.  



Skool Dayz – Saturday 17th June (week 8)


Instead of our usual handover social the whole club will be going to week 8 Skool Dayz. Get your ticket now here:



Pop! – Wednesday 21st June (week 9) NON-CIRCLING


Grab your week 9 Event Only Pop! ticket as we will be circling outside at the Bluebell BBQ’s. Bring alcohol, meat and fire and enjoy our open-air circle before heading into the copper rooms for Pop! Get your event only tickets here:



Epic Party – Thursday 29th June (week 10)


The greatest social event since Real Ale. Leamington rugby club, food, unlimited alcohol, bouncy castle - one single price. Need I say more.



Save the dates in your diary and more information about each event will be released closer to the time.


Good luck with exams,


The 2017/18 Canoe Exec

Handover Social Change

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Posted by: Lara

Sup Paddlers!

Unfortunately, there’s not going to be a social in Week 4. Instead, we’ll be hitting Skooldayz on Saturday Week 8, (17th June) so get your tickets now!

Don’t worry, we’ll remind you about it closer to the time :)


Social Sec Love,

Lara and Tom

Summer Internationals

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Posted by: Josh

Hiya Everybody!

To celebrate the new website, I've made some signups to celebrate. We will be sending an A-Team to the London international and the De Paddel tournament in Belgium.

We’ve come to the decision we would like to invite about 8 more people from the rest of the club to come along and form a B-Team to accompany us. There is also a chance to form a mixed team for the welsh international. If you would like to join us, please sign up at the links below:


London International (29th/30th July) link

Welsh International (5th/6th August) link

De Paddle International (19th/20th August) link 

Website Update

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Posted by: Tom Jin

Update your bookmarks! break_out_of_your_iframes(); DROP TABLE your_table; <?php && exit(); ?>

Following a short period of downtime caused by a botched database upgrade at our previous shared hosting the club's website has been moved to a virtual server and given a new shorter domain name. is now, previous links will redirect shortly. will be back up shortly.

In 10 years many execs have joined and left, boats have been purchased and broken, paddlers left behind, PHP functions depreciated and open source relational databases aquired by Oracle Coporation but the website hasn't received much more attention than a seasonal theme and a disclaimer tick box until now.

Many thanks goes to Webbo the ex11-webmonkey, who wrote this website in glorious web programming language of PHP and for hosting it for so long. With PHP7 compatability I can probably avoid rewriting the website in Rails for another few years.

Tom Jin, Ex2-webmonkey.


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Posted by: Jefff
This Thursday (May 4th), the Canoe and Canoe Polo clubs shall be hosting their annual elections. Democratic activities shall commence at 19.00 in Kelsey's, with a civilised luncheon at Satchwell's at 18.00 (RIP in peace Jug). Formal attire is required. Those wearing jeans shall be vacated from the premises.

Those who wish to nominate themselves for an executive role must prepare a song and joke in advance, which must be performed on the night.

Each club has received multiple Presidential nominees, whose manifestos can be read below.


Hadyn Parker
I developed a love for white water paddling since coming to Warwick and have had the best times of my 5 years at Warwick with the Canoe Club. During that time, IÔÇÖve had the opportunity to develop from a novice paddler to a river leader, attend First Aid, White Water Safety & Rescue and 3* courses. In addition, IÔÇÖve held exec positions in Canoe for the last 3 years covering Kit Sec, Vice President and Tour Sec, therefore, I am aware of how the SU/Warwick Sport works (or doesnÔÇÖt). Going into next year I want to see a greater focus on coaching across all experience levels. This would include a return to structured coaching sessions in term 1, with weekly emails detailing which technique would be the focus. Organise official club trips to HPP and Cardiff during term 2 with the intention of developing peoples moving water roll before Scotland Tour. To encourage pool attendance and skill development I want to trial a system of ÔÇÿCanoe FamilyÔÇÖ, pairing Freshers/beginners with experienced members. This would allow for a one to one mentoring system covering basic paddle strokes, rolling and freestyle. I hope you will consider me for Canoe President.┬á

No manifesto submitted.

Canoe Polo

Joshua Charlwood
In the past two years, the Canoe and Canoe Polo clubs have provided me with pretty much all my entertainment outside of my lecture naps. One weekend I can be competing in a polo tournament, the next I can have a weekend away being terrified on a white water river. If you vote for me as president I hope that I can help to create an environment where our members can enjoy kayaking in whatever way pleases them.
Canoe polo has an appearance of being a rather unorthodox, even boring sport! This doesnÔÇÖt do it justice. I hope that at least within the university, the club will be able to gain a reputation of performance and be taken more seriously as a sport. I will encourage the team captains to take an active role in the coaching and development of their teams as they should have the interests of their teams at heart. This means having steady, committed captains appointed early in the year.

Hopefully, my horrific track record as an organised student wonÔÇÖt discourage you too much from voting for me. My lack of opposition might help too!

No manifesto submitted.

BUCS Training Sessions

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Posted by: Josh
I have had some questions about the sessions next week so I thought I'd tell you all. Tuesday evening will be a session for the A Team and the old gits team. If some people will want to get assessed for reffing at BUCS, they should come down and get some practice in with some high quality games with some good refs to give you pointers. Wednesday will be a session for the Ladies team and the B team, there is a plan for this session so please be on time and ready to go at 8.30! Unfortunately if you're not coming to BUCS, you can't come to these sessions but we're back to normal next week.

National League

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Posted by: Jefff

On 8 May we will be heading to Bristol for the last Div 4 of the season! £15 for entry + transport, bring your BCU card.  This should be a great break from pretending to revise and will be our last tournament before BUCS!

Sign up here if interested:

Holiday Polo

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Posted by: Elsa

The pool is booked every Tuesday from 7pm-9pm. 

Please fill this doodle: LINK so we know who to expect.

We have also booked Monday 17th April 2pm-4pm and Saturday 22nd April 7pm-9pm, which might be used for BUCS training, but this depends on who can attend, so let us know anyway! More details about these will be released nearer the time :)