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Hey happy paddlers!
It's that time of year again (time for an infodump). I'm going to do a big old socials timeline! But before I begin, just a quick reminder to please sign up for the 2 polo tournaments this weekend and Cardiff on the website!
WEEK 4 - WEDNESDAY - POP! We'll be circling for our first time again this term in the Copper Rooms. The theme is farmyard! Feel free to bring plus ones :) Be sat down at circle with your pints by 19:30 or there will be consequences...
WEEK 5 - FRIDAY - PUB GOLF Back again for another year, you'll be competing against yourself (and your liver) to complete the course on par. We'll be starting the crawl on campus at 18:00! The theme is "The Food Chain": Freshers have to dress as plants, 2nd years as herbivores, 3rd years as carnivores, and years 4+ as hunters!
WEEK 6 - THURSDAY - REAL ALE And we're back! Real Ale is one of the best events of the year - good drinks, good company, and good music! (Dr Busker Hype!) If you don't know who he is, you will after this! This event is honestly so popular that old gifs from far and wide comeback just for it, it's so great. There's a humungous range of ales, ciders, wines, and even mead - so pick your poison (though from personal experience, limit yourself to one - and only one - super purple). We'll be meeting in the Copper Rooms at 18:00
WEEK 7 - ¯_(├úãÆÔÇ×)_/¯ - POLO SOCIALS - Again, this one's up to the captains to decide, so more details will be coming later (but not from me).
WEEK 8 - SATURDAY - SKOOLDAYZ - Ties at the ready! We're hitting up Skooldayz again, but we need a Fresher's kitchen or it's gonna be bloody cold! Contact me please! Polo will still be on, so prinks will start afterwards at 21:30 :)
WEEK 9 - WEDNESDAY - POP! Once again, we will be circling! All the usual stuff applies - this week's theme is ABC! (Anything but clothes) Looking forward to seeing the fashion designers in you all!
WEEK 10 - THURSDAY - LAZERQUEST This one should be a laugh - details are a bit thin because it's so far away, but we'll be meeting in Coventry (most likely in a Spoons :P ) and then playing a few rounds, before returning home (by which I mean the Spoons).
Phew, that was a long one, but hopefully it'll help you all with your diaries for a bit!
See you all soon <3
Social Sec Love <3
Tom and (a sleep-deprived) Lara

Lakes Sign-ups live!!!

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Posted by: Liam

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Signups are now live for our Lakes trip in 2018!!!!!!!!!

Head to and signup. Be quick!!!


This trip will be at the end of week 4, from 2nd-4th Feb. We will be staying at the club favourite; Bardsea Malt Kiln.

This will be a more challenging trip than the others we have run so far this year, but sign-up anyway and speak to one of us if you’re unsure about anything.

The cost of the trip will be £38 and will include transport and accomodation.


This trip will be the best chance to get a preview of Scotland tour and is sure to be a great weekend away!


Paddling love


Liam and the exec


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BLadies Tournament Week 3

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Posted by: Ben Ayre

On Sunday 28th January (Week 3) Warwick are hosting our last B’s and Ladies tournament of the year!
This is a great chance to play in a friendly tournament against other university Canoe Polo teams, and is completely free!

If you want to be considered for either teams then sign up on the website here:

The tournament will run from 10am to 7.30pm (so bring food for between games), with teams meeting at the sport centre at 9.30am.

Also if you're interested please sign up for the National div 4 tournament this Saturday via this is open to everyone

Polo Love


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Posted by: Ivan

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Greetings fellow wet ones,


Our next canoe trip will be to the Lake District on the 2nd-4th Feb (end of week 4), where we usually paddle the Kent and the Leven. Here’s a video of what we paddled last year:


These rivers will be more challenging than those on previous trips this year, making it great preparation for Scotland (hype!). We suggest that you come by the pool for a bit of practice in our evening sessions. They run on Monday and Wednesday 8.30-10 every week. Although the ability to roll is not necessary, it’s recommended.


Signups will go live at noon this Thursday.


If you are unsure whether this trip will be suitable for you, sign up anyway, and we can talk to you about it.


See you tonight at the ice skating social, starting at the Harvester (at the skydome) at 7, and skating at 8. Don’t forget to sign up for your ice card at:


Tonights pool session has been cancelled because we are all dancing on ice.


Much love

Daddy Will and the Canoe Exec

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Week 3 Social - ICE SKATING

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Posted by: Lara
Have you ever struggled to stay upright on the water? Well, if you manage to go upside-down at this social, I'll be impressed!
We're going ICE SKATING! This Monday, we'll be heading for ice skating in Coventry - public skate is from 20:15 to 22:00.
If you want to eat beforehand, we'll be at the Harvester at 19:00.
With skate hire, it will cost £9 (I believe there's student discount available) but bring cash since they charge for card.
MAKE SURE to sign up for a FREE Ice Card here, otherwise it'll be £2.20 more on the day:
Transport-wise, after 6pm National Express have a ticket of up to 5 people for £5! The 11 will take you from either Leam or campus into Coventry.
Hope to see you there!
Social Sec Love <3
Lara and Tom
(PS the pool session for that day has been cancelled, sorry!)
(PPS - Pop! sneak peak: the theme is farmyard)

Photo Bar Crawl!

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Posted by: Tom

Hey there paddlers,

Another week means another social and this Thursday is the Photo Bar Crawl.

We will be starting at the Duke in North Leam at 19:30 before heading down the parade, stopping off along the way and ending in Kelseys.

As normal I will be meeting freshers by the bus interchange on campus at 19:00.

Hope to see you all there,

Tom and Lara

Welcome Back Curry!

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Posted by: Lara
Hey everyone, hope you had a good new year!
What's better in these chilly days than a curry to warm us all up?
We'll be hosting our traditional "Welcome Back" curry at Ali's Curryhouse in Leamington this Thursday at 19:30. It's the one opposite Majestic Wines.
Hope to see you soon, and happy paddling!
Social Sec Love <3
Lara and Tom

Big Term 2 Post

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Posted by: Elsa

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Hope you all had a fantastic holiday, and that you didn’t go too hard on NYE!

We have a busy term ahead, so here are some key dates for your diaries. Reminders for all trips, tournaments and socials will be sent out nearer the time.

Please remember that everyone should be a member to attend pool sessions and trips



Hoodies will be available to order until Midday 12th January, and will be delivered soon afterwards. Go to and click on Warwick then either Canoe or Canoe Polo to buy them. Prices are correct at the TOP of the page, and with loan day just around the corner, who can resist! Contact Hannah with any questions.


Socials List

Socials this term will once again be on thursdays, unless specified otherwise. Reminders will be emailed and posted on our facebook group weekly, at :) Contact Lara or Tom with any questions.


Week 1 - Curry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 7.30pm in Leam

Week 2 - Photo Bar Crawl

Week 3 - Ice Skating

Week 4 - POP! on Wednesday 24th Jan - be sat down with your purple by 7:30pm.

Week 5 - Pub Golf on Friday

Week 6 - Real Ale

Week 7 - Polo Socials

Week 8 - Skool Dayz on Saturday 3rd March

Week 9 - POP! on Wednesday 7th March - be sat down with your purple by 7:30pm.

Week 10 - Laser Quest


You can buy tickets for POP! And Skool Dayz from



Sessions will continue as last term, Monday and Wednesday 8:30-10pm.


Week 2 - Refreshers: 19th-21st January. Sign ups for this trip have closed.

Week 4 - Lakes: Harder trip on 2nd-4th February. The ability to roll on moving water is highly recommended for this trip. Signups will be announced in week 3.

Week 6 - TBC - BUCS Slalom

Week 8 - Nene Whitewater Course: Day trip on Wednesday 28th February, 12-6pm (ish).

Week 8 - TBC - NSR: Weekend of competitive freestyle at HPP Whitewater Course, with prizes to be won.

Week 11 - Scotland Tour 2018!!!: 10 days at the start of the Easter Holidays (Sunday 18th - Tuesday 27th March). You must have been on at least one other trip to come on this one.



Sessions will continue as last term, Tuesday 8.30-10pm and Saturday 7.30-9.30pm


Week 1 - Warwick A-team tournament: A great chance to watch some high quality polo and cheer on your A-team. Come down to the pool on Sunday, 12-7.30

Week 3 - National tournament Saturday, and Warwick B’s and ladies’ tournament Sunday 28th January, 10-7.30pm: Come play and/or support! Sign ups will be announced soon.

Week 6 - Ladies’ national tournament on Saturday

Week 8 - Ladies’ national tournament on Saturday

Week 9 - Cardiff University tournament: A big fun outdoor tournament featuring many universities, a party and maybe even a meal!

Week 10 - National tournament Saturday


Canoe Love,

Seb and the Canoe and Canoe Polo Execs

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Posted by: Hannah

Have you spent all term being jealous of the sexy sexy hoodies? Are you running out of things to put on your Christmas list? Do you want to rep our clubs wherever you go?

The super snuggly Canoe and Canoe Polo hoodies are now up for sale! (And canoe have a very cool new design!)

There’s a choice of designs, whether you want a zip, and you can have your name embroidered too!

Just follow this link:
(Click on the Warwick logo, and then on Canoe or Canoe Polo - buy as many as you want!)

The hoodies will be available to buy until 12th January at midday, and they will be available to collect from pool sessions soon after that!

Reference for sizing:
XS is around ladies 6-8 (snug on Elsa)
S is ladies 8-10 (baggy on Elsa)
M is ladies 12-14 (Will/ Hannah size/ baggy on Ivan)
L is roughly ladies size 16-20 (around Lara’s size)

See the Facebook group for more detailed pictures of the logos:

Paddling love,

Hannah and the Canoe and Canoe Polo Execs

WWSR Signups open

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Posted by: Liam

Whitewater Safety and Rescue (Term 2 week 6) Signups are now open!

There are only 6 spaces available!


Remember: you will have to be comfortable paddling and swimming in grade 2 water

If you still don’t know what this is all about, ask me!