--Week 2 Social--

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Posted by: Fresher Christine

Week 2 Social -- Three-Legged Bar Crawl

Sup Paddlers!!

Fancy being tied up to a member of the canoe club. If so then the clubs annual Three-Legged Bar Crawl is for you.

We will be meeting this Thursday at the Duke for 19:30 where you will be paired up and tied together.

Anyone who is travelling from campus a member of the exec will be at the bus interchange for 19:00. Look out for a Canoe Hoodie if you're not sure.

Its a fantastic opportunity for members, new and old, to get to know one another.

See you there!!

Canoe Love,
F.Chris & D

P.S Next weeks POP! theme is Kids TV

Freshers and Nene trips!

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Posted by: Liam

TL;DR Moving water! Nene signups 12:00 Tuesday, Freshers signups 12:00 Wednesday

Sup paddlers!

It’s been so good to see all the new faces at our taster sessions so far. There’s still another week of completely free sessions so come on down when you can!
However, it’s time to start thinking outside the pool and get paddling on the moving stuff.

This year, we’re getting started with a Wednesday afternoon (week 3, 17 Oct) trip to the Nene whitewater centre. Leaving uni at 12:30, it will be a great place to get started with all of us lovely people on hand to help you out. All before arriving in time for our Pop! Circling (get your tickets!). Signups for this will go live at 12:00 this Tuesday on (top tip: make an account early).

But that’s not all! The weekend afterwards (end of week 3, 19-21 Oct) we will be heading to South Wales from Friday evening for two days of kayaking in the Brecons. It’s sure to be an amazing trip designed to introduce you to your first whitewater river - we’ve even got real beds! And at £38 a go it’s a bargain holiday too. Signups open 12:00 this Wednesday on 

Remember, you will need to have been to at least one pool session before you go and have bought club membership (, so be sure to visit next week (or whenever) to say hello first.

Canoe love,

Coach Dan and the Canoe Exec

Term 1 Socials!! (First half)

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Sup Paddlers!

Just to give you all a quick breakdown of the socials we will be running for the first half of this term! All are on thursdays apart from Pop! for the first 5 weeks.

Week 1 (as Chris already posted) is Curry night today!
Week 2 will be a three legged bar crawl in Leam, again there will be some lovely members of the club at the bus stop before to accompany freshers :)
Week 3 is Pop! and the theme is Kids TV Shows, so start thinking of a costume and get ready for circling!
Week 4 will be Kit and Cocktails, which involves a trip to Leam Boat Centre for freshers and then cocktails at Alphas house in Leam.
Week 5 is Hallowe'en! This will be a party at my house in Earlsdon.

There will be more detailed info to come so don't worry too much but if you do have any questions feel free to message me or Christopher Thompson.

Lots of paddling love,

D and F.Chris

--Week 1 Social--

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Posted by: Fresher Christine

Sup paddlers,

This Thursday we will be having a curry at Dama Dama Mast Balti in Leam. Meet there for 19.30, BYOB and it is cash only. â”œâ–‘┼©ÔäóÔÇÜ

We will be meeting at the bus interchange for 19.00. (Look for an exec member with a red hat and hoodie)

It is a great opportunity for new members to meet everyone!!

See you all there,
F.Chris & D├░┼©ÔÇØ┬Ñ├░┼©ÔÇØ┬Ñ

POP! Tickets

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Posted by: Fresher Christine

*-POP! Tickets-*

For all you party lovers out there tickets for POP! will go live tomorrow 27th September at 12PM.

We will be circling in the Copper Rooms:


Week 3 - Theme is Kids TV shows


Week 9 - Theme is Harry Potter



Buy your tickets on the Warwick SU website:

Canoe Love
F.Chris and D

Social 1!!

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Sup paddlers!

It's the post you've all been waiting for, the first social post of the year!! As we have an extra week this term, we will be holding a returners social on Thursday 27th (Week 0)! This will be a kit fixing followed by a short walk to Liam's house for pizza and games. Keep your eyes peeled for more details!

We can't wait to see you there,

D and Fresher Chris

Polo Kit Fixing

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Posted by: Joe

-Polo Kit Fix-

Calling all polo people, as welcome week fast approaches, we need out boats to be in perfect condition for all of the falling in that the new Freshers will be doing.

This means a good old kit fixing will be taking place at 2pm, Monday 17th on the balcony. 

Biscuit bribes provided.

Love from your resident kit gremlin├░┼©ÔÇ║┬Â

Rashvests Arrived!

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Posted by: Liam
><> ><> RASHVESTS <>< <><
10 months ago we asked, can you get a rashvest for under £30?
Now, after over 60 emails, many machine breakdowns, numerous design edits they have arrived.
Complete with personalised initials (and stitching on the outside) the ordered rashvests can be collected from the sports centre balcony.
If you can't pay or collect due to being too old / far away. Please get in touch asap.
Thanks to Hannah and Ivan for actually doing the heavy lifting on this
Canoe Love,
Liam and the Canoe exec

Holiday Polo

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Posted by: Lara
Sup Paddlers!
If you're around over the summer, or just fancy popping along for a couple of sessions, please fill in our Doodle poll to tell us you're coming to holiday polo!
The sessions are every Saturday 17:00-19:00.
Hope to see you there :)
Paddling Love <3
Lara and the Polo Exec


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Posted by: Fresher Christine


Sup paddlers,

This Thursday (28th June) is our final social of the year. If you still want to come sign up on the website.

Today is also the deadline for the early-bird prices: 
£30 for alcohol. 
£20 for non-alcoholic

After today these prices will increase by £5 each.

If you still need to pay contact, Daisy Saxelby.

Look forward to seeing as many of you there to celebrate a great year of Canoe,

F.Chris and D